Borrow Books With Your e-Reader

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If you have an e-Reader (BESIDES a Kindle, sorry…), did you know your library may share files of books in e-pub and/or pdf formats for you to borrow?

Check out your library website to see if they offer borrowing through

To borrow the e-books you simply enter your library card information.

You will need Adobe Digital Editions installed to download the books and then transfer them to your e-Reader.  It’s easy to use though – you just choose the books you want to read, put them in your cart and then check out.  Then the library will have you download the digital files which you can then open up with Adobe Digital Editions.  The concept is similar to Adobe SendNow, except there is no e-mail for pick up between the library and you.

My local library allows up to four books to be borrowed at a time for two weeks.  While I’m sure inventory is different among libraries, mine has a lot of recently published and popular books, the Twilight Series, James Patteson books and the Sookie Stackhouse series are just a few that I’ve seen when looking at the catalog.  It must be a popular method for borrowing as I find that there is often a wait list for many of the books.

For those of you with Kindles or those that don’t have e-Readers, you can also borrow audio books through

The really nice thing about it, is that the books automatically expire and return themselves, so there are never late fees!

2 thoughts on “Borrow Books With Your e-Reader

  1. I'm regretting buying the Kindle because of their limitations. I wish the new Nook eInk reader had been available at that time. It looks awesome.

  2. The Kindle will have library access some time this year according to Amazon and my local libraries. I'm patiently (NOT) waiting….

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