Booty Shawl – The Hip Hugging Friend for Your Back End

Stay covered and comfortable wherever you go with Booty Shawl.  Booty Shawl gives women of all sizes and shapes an extra bit of self-assurance wearing tights, yoga pants and skinny jeans.  It’s stylish and practical!

Booty Shawl kindly sent me one of their items to review so I could share my thoughts about it with you.  Booty Shawl comes in four styles and I received the Isabella Wrapalini.  booty shawl

This is a photo from Booty Shawl’s website, I wanted to include this as well as my own so you can see how their photographed product looks in relation to what it looks like on me.

My Isabella Wrapalini Booty Shawl is hands-down, one of my newest favorite items. The quality and fabric are great, and the styling is flattering – even on this mid-life woman. I’ve mostly been wearing it out casually with leggings. It works equally as well with jeans or a dressier ensemble though.  It really is very versatile.

Booty Shawls come in sizes XS-2XL.  I got an XS (I’m 4’9″ and 108 lbs, and usually wear the largest girl’s sizes or 0-2 in jrs & ladies).  While it does fit and I have no problems wearing it, I do personally wish I would have sized up to a small so that I could have had a bit more coverage on the sides.  

The best description I can give of the waist band is very much like a yoga panel crossed with a running belt (those flat stretchy kinds that you can put smaller items in).  It really is very comfortable and when I’m wearing it I don’t feel constricted and it doesn’t roll up at all.  The fabric is also not too heavy for layering either.  It also has a small pocket on the inside lining that can hold keys, some cards and ID and a smaller phone (I have an iPhone 6S and can get it in there lengthwise without fear of it falling out).  This allows you to go bag free if you want to!

The fabric/print that I’m wearing is a black burn out. It’s really fun and trendy.  It looks great with black or gray leggings.  You can also wear it with a subtle print mix like I did here when we went out to the movies, but the next one I get I will definitely go with a solid so I have more options to wear it with. 

There are quite a few colors and even fabrics to choose from so you can pick a color or print that matches a lot of your clothing.  Or get a couple of Booty Shawl styles and colors so you have more ways to mix it up.  

I recommend Booty Shawl for those that want a little bit more coverage on their leggings or skinny jeans, especially if you’ve refrained from wearing some of your shorter tops with those bottoms.  Booty Shawl can act as an extender allowing you to feel confident that what you want covered .. is!  

Booty Shawls are handmade and range from $46-$58.  You can find out more about them at and shop online for them here:

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