Bonkazonks Featuring Marvel Characters Give Away

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Hasbro Bonkazonks features the Marvel superheroes in a toy/game.

Bonkazonks figures come in a ‘face’ case – a main kit comes with 4 figures but it fits 10, so you can buy more for your collection and store them in the case.  We received a case featuring Iron Man.

Inside the Bonkazonks case you’ll also find a stunt circle, a game code for online play – a Bonkazonks stunt card (ours came with card 17) which shows you a challenge for the player to accomplish, and a series 1 guide of available figures.

The figures have a weight in one half of them, and the other is a peg stand.  So you can flick them, stack them, and spin them.

We thought that spinning them was fun but you can’t really control them that way.  Flicking them is also kind of tough.  Stacking them and trying to knock them down with a spinning one or flicking another Bonkazonks figure at the stacked ones, that’s pretty entertaining!  It’s rated for ages 5+, but I think that might still be a little young to actually follow a “game” for it, kids that age would probably enjoy free playing with the figures.

I think these would make for fun play on a rainy summer day for the kids.  They could come up with all kinds of games on their own to use them with.  Also the extra ‘blind’ bags (meaning you can’t see the collectible figure inside the bag), would make good reward gifts to build up the collection for your kids when they’ve been obedient or finished a task that they need to get done.

It’s a pretty affordable toy/game at an msrp of $9.99, so it might be a good gift for a birthday party too.  I’ve seen them now at Target and Toys R Us. The case makes it portable for taking on the go, and it’s nice there’s a place to store them so they aren’t all over the floor loose.

Disclosure: I received these toys from Hasbro for review. Any opinions expressed above are my own.

Reader Giveaway:  One reader will win their own Bonkazonks Featuring Marvel Characters Face Case (case style will be chosen by sponsor).

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