Bombinizz the Must Have Accessory for Your College Freshman

If you need to complete your college freshman’s dorm room shopping, Bombinizz is a practical accessory that is perfect for transporting their pillow from school to home and vice versa.  It’s not surprising at all that a Mom started this home-grown business when she found a need for a storage solution for her children’s pillow on their outings.  We’ve all seen our kids juggling bags of all sizes when they’re going for a sleepover, to camp or their dorm rooms.  They try to tuck that unwieldly pillow under their arm and inevitably it ends up on the ground, covered in dirt and germs.

Maria Rosell, Bombinizz creator, longed for a practical and fun bag to contain and protect her daughters’ pillows, and combine storage for toothbrushes, washcloths and other personal items her children brought along wiht them for overnight outings.  It began with Rosell inventing the bag design and her mother sewing and constructing each bag.  After producing more than 150 of the bags themselves, they decided to seek help from a local maunfacturer.

While searching for a name for the bag, Rosell was looking outside the window and noticed a bee flying about.  It occured to her that bees carry a pollen sack.  She referred to an old Entomology texbook from college which revealed tha thte tribe name for bees is “Bombini.”  She loved it!  Rosell’s daughters liked the name too.  They added the “ZZ” for the ZZ’s you catch when you sleep (and because if you listen there is a ZZZ sound when a bee flies by).  They call it Bombinizz™ because you’ll carry your pillow in a sack like the bees carry their pollen.

These 29″ x 20″ versatile bags come in various colors.  The one pictured in our review is a pattern called Modern Twist.  Each bag has one main compartment that fits a pillow and two smaller ones for easy to reach items.  The slim pocket in the front zippered one is perfect for toothpaste and a toothbrush, or a hairbrush (or a cell phone ).  The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry over the shoulder or cross-body so hands are free to carry other items.  Plus it’s washable (wash cold, hang dry)!

Bombinizz really are a carry all solution, not just for pillows but they work well for dance gear, beach excursions, for going to the library to carry books, when you’re going ot the park, traveling (it even comes with a handy luggage tag), hauling around your toddler or infant gear, and more…

Wherever you’re going, BOMBINIZZ can take all your personal items there in style!

Media samples from Bombinizz were received for review.  All opinions are our own.

You can place an order at prices range from $25.00-$30.00 each.

6 thoughts on “Bombinizz the Must Have Accessory for Your College Freshman

  1. This bag is really cute. My oldest will be going to college and I am sure this would be handy for her.

  2. My daughter will be graduating next year (and I'm so sad). But, we're already looking for supplies now so that she'll be ready when the time comes. She loves totes and bags, and since these are affordable, I'm definitely going to have her check these out.

  3. Very cute! We are entering the sleepover phase of our lives, so my kids will be needing to transport pillows & sleeping bags pretty frequently.

  4. Not able to open your webpage using the link provided. My wife has had one for years and loves it! Want to order one for our granddaughter. Please advise how we can place an order.

    1. Hi Bob! Bombinizz is not my product or site, I just did a review for the product on my blog. As this was written 6+ years ago, I am assuming that they may have unfortunately gone out of business if their website is no longer up and running.

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