Beer of the Month Club

Gift Guide Pick

This is a great gift idea for the people in your life that enjoy a good beer.  Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club members receive twelve, 12-oz. bottles of beer each month, for as little as $22.95 per month plus additional S&H.

I enlisted my Dad to be a reviewer for the The International & Domestic Variety Beer Club that I received, because I don’t drink.  He knows a good pint of beer when he tastes one being a German, international traveler, and a beer brewer himself. 

With 4 varieties of beer to choose from, he started with the domestics.  Right away he noticed that they aren’t your ordinary Budweiser.  Unsurprisingly, he gravitated to the two German selections that were sent in the shipment.  And proclaimed them quite fine, with a superb taste and quality.

When I told him what a shipment cost, he thought the price was great (it averages out to about $2.40 a beer + shipping for that particular club). 

My parents were only here for a couple of days when the shipment arrived, which left me with some bottles of beer unconsumed.  What’s a girl to do?  Well bake with it of course!  (Those of you who don’t consume alcohol, let me assure you baking and cooking with beer, is dandy!  The alcohol all gets cooked off when making the dish, and the taste left behind is quite yummy.)  I made both pizza crust and beer bread from the bottles I had left.  The pizza crust was without a doubt the tastiest I have ever made.

What I found interesting is that each shipment comes with a newsletter, Brew Harvest Review.  It informs members about their featured beer selections, which breweries made them and what to look for in each. You’ll also find extensive festival listings, brewpubs and microbrewery reviews, trivia, and special interest articles contributed by noted industry writers.

So if you still have some gifts to give, and would rather not run to the store, head over to the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.  This club doesn’t just have a choice of domestic and international shipments (or both in one!), but you can also choose a Rare Collection club.  The best part is you can give a gift with just a click, that will be appreciated, and you can choose memberships from 2 to 12 months or open-ended. You can have  shipments sent monthly, every other, quarterly, or even on a specific schedule.  Pay as you go or in one installment.  All delivered right to the recipients door.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of C & H Clubs and was supplied with samples and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.


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