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My hair is a …monster, especially without some sort of product to tame it.  I don’t have to try hard to look like a hot mess most days.  This picture below shows what my hair looks like when I just air dry it. 

When you compare that to my profile picture in the upper right of my blog you can see it needs a lot of work to look that straight.

I received a complimentary sample of this product from SheSpeaks/Aveda.

When I was offered the chance to try out the Aveda Smooth Infusion  I was all over it because I don’t care to look like Sideshow Bob most days.

My hair is thick and it takes a lot of heat and pressue to get it to lay flat.  I seriously did not wash my hair for four days after I had it done at the stylist the last time because I can never get it to look as good as she can.  But I am sold on this Aveda Naturally Straight product because although it doesn’t completely get me the look that I have when I walk out of the salon, it at least makes it easier on me to get straighter hair in less time at home.

Here are the benefits of Aveda Naturally Straight

And how to use it:

So follow my hair from start to finish.  All those pesky wavy hairs to deal with.  This is just from washing and air drying prior to using the product.


I followed the directions and this is how it looked the first day after using it and using the hair dryer on it.  A little less of the waves going on now.


Then this is it still after only having used it once with air drying and then using a flat iron.  Excuse the sallow look of the photo – it was taken in a hotel bathroom with less than spectacular light.  You’re supposed to be looking at my hair anyway 😉 

Why you’re asking did I not use it more in between? …Well I was traveling with only a carry on – the bottle is 5 oz so I couldn’t take it with me.  But on another note – this showed me that the product works pretty well because I hadn’t even used it for 5 consecutive days and I could tell a significant difference on how much easier it was to straighten my hair even after only 1 application and a couple of washings in between no less.  Sure there is still a wave in it but I was impressed since I had only used it once.

After I got home from all my travels, I used it again.  This is a photo of my hair without using conditioner, a hair dryer or a flat iron.  Just air drying and brushing it out.  Now compare that to the first picture I posted that was air dryed also…what a difference.  There’s a lot less wave going on here!

I’m excited to see how straight I may be able to get it after I’ve done 5 consecutive applications.

The cream isn’t heavy at all and doesn’t weight the hair down, it actually helps make your hair softer.  It has a pretty scent to it, and it is not overwhelming either.  It’s also safe for color treated hair which I’m glad about because when you spend good money for someone else to color your hair you want it to last as long as possible!

At $26.00 for a 5 oz. tube it’s a little pricier than I’d normally spend on a hair product, but so far I haven’t come across anything that works as well to straighten my hair as the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight.  You can purchase the product at all Aveda stores/salons and online at Aveda.com.

9 thoughts on “Aveda Naturally Straight

  1. Now I am seriously gonna have to check that out. You saw MY hair at the hotel how full it is and how flat I like it. Thanks for sharing about this awesome product!

  2. Your hair is super cute both wavy and straight! I like to wear mine wavy but I do love the other Aveda products. They are seriously the best and all natural!

  3. Coming from a family that has extremely curly hair, this is such a wonderful product. These days my hair just has a naturally light wave and I definitely look forward to perhaps eliminating the need for a straightening iron.

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