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So here we are two years after moving to the DFW area and I’m still not a fan of driving into the ‘Big D’ to do my shopping.  My anxiety over the traffic though, has me missing out on some pretty great local shops that specialize in specific items and artisans that have small batch goods that are simply delicious.  But it’s like someone heard about my FOMO (for those of you not up on the acronyms these days that would be ‘fear of missing out’), and I learned about is an online shop/delivery service for farm-raised meat, local produce and small batch artisan products in the Dallas area. In addition to artisan products and wide variety of everyday grocery staples, artizone also delivers mealtime favorites like Kuby’s Sausage House, Hirsh’s Specialty Meats, Rex’s Seafood, The Tamale Company, and Holy Ravioli, among others.  You can order regular grocery items and products from the local vendors all on one site and have it delivered right to your door for as little as $5.95 (or free if you spend $120 or more)!artizone1artizone graciously gave me a credit toward my first order and I went to peruse the website.  I have to say it probably took me longer to choose what I wanted than it would have to if I had gotten into my car and driven to the city, but that’s only because there is SO much good stuff to be had on  I loved being able to see the faces of the vendors while I shopped, it really gives your shopping experience a friendly feel despite the fact that you are doing it online.You can shop many different ways on the site; by searching for a specific item, by artisan, by aisle, even by a recipe.  The add-to-cart recipes is a really neat feature, shoppers can simply add all of the ingredients to their shopping cart and have everything they need delivered right to their door!


So what did I end up getting you ask?

Using the recipe feature I completely drooled over the S’mores Dip.  I knew I had to make it!  I already had the marshmallows and graham crackers, but man that artisan chocolate was calling my name (loudly I might add!).  So I got a bar of the Milk Chocolate from Chocolate Secrets. And then we made the S’mores Dip.  OH SO GOOD.I’ve heard great things about Holy Ravioli, and was excited to try some of their products too.  I picked up the Cheeseburger Ravioli and two containers of fresh Arrabiata Sauce.But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my favorite find on was Kuby’s Sausage House.  My parents, immigrated from Germany and my in-laws were from German heritage as well so German food is a staple on our table.  Best meal ever… Rouladen.  I always used to buy it at the German butcher shop, you just go in ask for Rouladen and bam! they cut it just right.  A bit more difficult to get it just so from the local grocery store meat counter.  When I saw the Rouladen on Kuby’s Sausage House shop on, I nearly wept.  My husband’s birthday is coming up in October, and he’s going to be thrilled with his birthday dinner 🙂While I was dropping a pound and a half of Rouladen in my cart, I added a couple of burgers and some beef tips too.  We grilled up the burgers already and they were fantastic.

If you order by 1 p.m. you are guaranteed same-day service for more than 1,000 products. (The artizone Express service, marked with a distinctive rocket icon, is offered on the website from midnight to 1pm, seven days a week, and with no additional delivery fees.)  You can also save on shipping if you bundle your entire order for delivery together.  I wasn’t in a rush for our items so that’s what I chose to do.

I was so pleased with the quality of the products I received in my order, and the way they were packaged.  The meat was wrapped great with best by dates clearly marked, the pasta sauce was in sturdy containers, and it’s no small feat to get chocolate from one place to another in Texas when it’s 90+ degrees outside, yet artizone managed to do it!  It was fun to find a surprise in the bag as well!Artizone introduced me to many small businesses in the Dallas area that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise – and I’m excited to use Artizone again to order from these ones again and find some more.  Plus it saved me from some stress of making my way from the suburbs into the big city – that was worth it alone!Oh Wait,” you say “I don’t live in the Dallas area” …it’s okay! Because artizone also has delivery and vendors in Chicago, Denver AND selected artisans will ship their products all over the country.  Isn’t that nice, no one is left out! 🙂

When you open an account on you get $15 free towards your first order or you can enter TAMMY FIXED 8 LUNCHES in the code box and get 10% off your order 🙂  They always have specials at the top of the page in coupon codes, cash back or sales where you can save even more money.  Plus you get rewarded for each order you make giving you $$ to spend on your next order!  Why not try it yourself?Have you used artizone before?  If so what is your favorite item or artisan?  Let us know so we can all get in on the awesomeness 🙂artizone-logo

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