Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for the Holidays

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No, no, no I’m not talking as a gift, or even as a stocking stuffer…LOL…but Arm & Hammer baking soda can help you out around your home in SO many ways for holiday entertaining.

I’ve been using baking soda to clean my home for a number of years now, I use so much of it that I buy it in huge bulk bags at the warehouse store. My favorite way to use it is by dumping 1/4 cup of it down my sink drains and then following that with a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Doing that every other week or so, keeps my sink pipes clear of clogs.

It’s also great to use it as a cleaning product in the kitchen. I have a black ceramic stove top and it shows every splatter, grease spot and mark from pots and pans that are on it. I have to be careful of what kind of products I use to clean it because it can scratch easily. Just a sprinkle of baking soda on a clean, damp sponge though…

A little bit of elbow grease…

And voila, a clean, shiny, stove top with no harsh chemicals and no fear of scratching either.

With all the holiday leftovers piling up in the fridge, you can keep strange odors at bay by having an open container of baking soda on a shelf to absorb the smells. Change it once a month for best results.

I also try and remember to sprinkle some on my kitchen garbage before guests arrive to deodorize.

One generally uses baking soda in holiday cookie recipes, but a tip I just learned is to add a pinch to your mashed potatoes to make them fluffier. I tried it for the first time the other day, and judging by the little that was left in the bowl after dinner – the crowd approved of this helpful modification!

The kitchen is a place many people use baking soda, but what about in the bathroom. Of course you can use it to clean your countertop and sinks there as well.

But have you ever used it as a beauty regimen? Why not prepare for holiday gathering using Arm & Hammer baking soda? I’ve heard to use it as a tooth cleanser but after receiving some tips from Arm & Hammer found ways to use it that I never thought of!

I tried using it the other day in a couple of ways..on ME! I have favorite shampoos that I like to use, but every once in a while I just need to strip my hair of all the products I use in it. The gel, hairspray and mousse start building up, and I know I need to get rid of that dirty build up. Instead of reaching for a clarifying shampoo – I added a teaspoon of baking soda to my shampoo.

If you like lather when you wash your hair…you’ll be very pleased with this concoction! Not only will it cleanse your hair, it will leave it nice and soft too. I loved the results, and will definitely be doing this once a month or so to strip my hair of build up.

If you’re wary about using facial cleansers and/or scrubs on your skin due to toxins, you can mix baking soda with water to make a paste (I added 1 tsp of water to 3 tsps of baking soda), that will make a face wash that will not just help with getting rid of oil, but will soften your skin, shrink pores, lightly exfoliate and costs just pennies! (Leaving all that extra money you would have paid for a pricey cleanser available for buying Christmas gifts for others…or maybe a new outfit for you to show off that clean skin!)

Have a spa day after shopping with girlfriends or your daughters by adding 2 tablespoons of Arm & Hammer to a large bowl or bucket of warm water and relaxing with your hands and/or feet in the mixture. You’ll exfoliate and it will leave them nice and soft.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is kind of a wonder product! You might be amazed at how many more things it is useful for than you previously thought. You can of course buy it at nearly every national chain, grocery store and even online! It’s an affordable way to do so many things just as well as expensive cleaners and cleansers, and it’s invaluable to have a box or two on hand, not just for the holidays but everyday.

Tammy Litke, wrote this review while participating in an Blog Tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Arm & Hammer and received product samples to facilitate the post and a promotional item to thank her for participating.

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  1. Is this new packaging? I still buy it in the box. Love the hair cleaner idea. I will be trying that soon.

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