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We’re not big pet lovers around here.  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind animals, or other people’s pets, we just don’t want the responsibility of having one of our own.  We forayed into being ‘pet’ owners once when our daughter came home from a school carnival with a goldfish.  We figured that was a pet we could handle, and we all actually enjoyed watching it swim around its bowl.

Watching fish has always been a soothing activity for me.  I love visiting aquariums and marveling at the different kinds and colors of them all.  When we go to the Rainforest Café for a meal, I’m always excited when we get to sit by one of the fish tank pillars.  

I think that if we ever get another pet again, I’d go for some more fish.

I wouldn’t settle for just the glass bowl on the kitchen table though.  I’d do ‘art’, and there are some really neat aquariums at Aquavista.  And while there are some truly elaborate ones on their website, there are some that are affordable but still make a statement.  Like this Fish Clock.

That would certainly surprise your guests and make a conversation piece when they realize that the fish inside the clock is real!

Many of us have had the fish swimming across our monitor as a screen saver right?  Well how about a picture frame that holds some real fish?

The Aquavista 100 Picture Frame Aquarium sets up right on a table or shelf, and has options for colors that match any décor.  You add a solid or picture background (or you can even upload your own photo for a custom background), and your fish have a home and you have art!

Okay, the real reason I love these Aquavista aquariums is because they’re complete self-contained aquatic systems for people who love fish but not the hassle of maintaining them. <– Um yeah, kind of like me (notice I said the reason we don’t have pets is because I don’t want the responsibility of them…)

Have a person on your holiday gift list this year that you don’t know what to get?  Do they enjoy modern art?  Would they welcome a fish?  This Skeleton Table Clock is another unique piece that Aquavista sells, and I think it would make a great gift for that person who has everything.

How about you?  Do you have fish?  I just love the way Aquavista has combined art with aquariums giving those who enjoy the serenity of watching fish swim with a unique way to display them.  Visit their website to see wall mounted and floor aquariums as well.

5 thoughts on “Aquavista – Add Life to Art

  1. Okay that computer one is hilarious! We used to have fish but they are such a pain. I wouldn't let my husband sell them {they were family!} but unfortunately they got sick, and we didn't replace them.

  2. No fish here. We have a beagle, and yes, it is like having another child. Huge responsibility for an owner. These fish aquariums look perfect for that on the go family.

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