Apples to Apples – The Game of Hilarious Comparisons – Gift Guide Pick

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We were first introduced to Apples to Apples at a friend’s house about 9 years ago.  It was the junior version of the game, but the adults had just as much fun playing it as the kids did.

Soon after that we bought it for our own home, and we’ve spent many fun evenings around the table with this game.  I’ve never seen a time where people aren’t splitting their sides laughing when playing Apples to Apples.

And this holiday season, Apples to Apples will delight players and bring families together using PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade, just before expanding onto Facebook and mobile devices. The digital versions of Apples to Appleswill feature social gaming connectivity capabilities, allowing family and friends to share or play anytime, anywhere – in the same room or on opposite sides of the world!  How cool is that?!  Those versions will cost 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 on the PlayStation Network.

2 thoughts on “Apples to Apples – The Game of Hilarious Comparisons – Gift Guide Pick

  1. This looks like a really fun game. I love that you can play with anyone all over. It would be great to play with relatives in another state. This is not expensive at all for this kind of family fun and laughs.

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