Annoying Orange Character Items – Gift Guide Pick

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If you don’t know about Annoying Orange then my bet is you don’t surf YouTube much.

Annoying Orange is an animated webisode series that went absolutely viral across the internet.  This holiday season you can the Annoying Orange fans in your life with branded merchandise.

The animated web series stars…fruit.  The creator of the series, Dane Boedigheimer, puts eyes and mouths over the fruit, and as you may have already guessed even if you’ve never seen the series, Orange is …annoying.

It was just recently announced that this hit YouTube show is being picked up by Cartoon Network.  So I’m sure this is just the beginning of Annoying Orange merchandise.

Each fresh talker is soft plush with photo-realistic features to reflect the characters who everyone knows and loves! With a soft squeeze, these kitchen crew members come to life! Includes TRY ME   feature, so you get to hear the same jokes and puns from the YouTube series such as “I’m not irritating, I’m an
 Orange!,” “Hey…hey Apple!” and “Two’s company, cheese is a crowd.” SRP: $9.99 Available at Toys R Us and

These plastic talking collectibles are textured with detail and include TRY ME feature to hear the classic jokes and puns from each Kitchen Crew member. Each 2.5” figure is packaged in a gift-like window box for added collectability. Collect them all: 4 Orange styles, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow and Passion Fruit. SRP: $9.99 Available at Toys “R” Us and

Each member of the kitchen crew is perfectly reflected in these 1.5” talking Clip-Ons. Attached to a metal clip-on, you can take them anywhere & let them speak for themselves!  Includes TRY ME feature “Hey…Hey Apple!” Collect this Kitchen Crew assortment: 4 Orange styles, Pear, Midget Apple, Grandpa Lemon, Marshmallow and Passion Fruit. SRP: $7.99 Available at Toys R Us and

These 2.25” fresh squeezed Annoying Orange Clip-Ons are soft, easy to clip-on and take on the go! With a quick squeeze, you’ll hear the most annoying sounds…wherever you go! Includes TRY ME feature “Hey! Who cut the cheese?” Collect this fresh squeezed Clip-on crew: 4 Orange styles, Pear Midget Apple and Marshmallow.  SRP: $7.99 Available at Toys R Us and

These 1.25” Mini Kitchen Crew Collectibles are adorably cute…and addicting to collect! Don’t be an apple! Collect them all in Orange styles and the rest of the Kitchen Crew; Pear, Midget Apple, Grandpa Lemon, Marshmallow and Passion Fruit. SRP: $7.99 Available at Toys R Us and

T-shirts based on The Annoying Orange featuring classic jokes and themes from the popular web series. The short-sleeved, cotton crewnecks are available in Men’s and Junior’s sizes S – XXL and feature a variety of designs including “Hey Apple, Knife!,” “Wasabi,” “100% Pure Annoying!” and “Big Face.” SRP: $11.99. Available at JCPenney, Shopko and Rue 21.

I received the Wasabi t-shirt to check out and I love it.  Every time I see my husband wear it I’m going to be laughing so hard because I’ll think of the videos.  For $11.99 the t-shirt is a nice quality. 

I have no doubt that if you have someone on your gift list that likes Annoying Orange that they will think the t-shirts or one of these other items are very, very cool.

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