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I am very pleased to have SIGG as part of my Christmas Gift Guide.  Famous for their reusable and durable water bottles, SIGG has ‘cool’ graphics for kids too!  They have challenged the juice box mentality with designs kids will want to tote with their school lunch or in their backpack.  As a parent you can feel good about letting your kids drink from a SIGG bottle, since SIGG’s EcoCare liners are made from BPA-Free and phthalate-free ingredients.

SIGG is a brand of optimism and hope, of forward thinking and positive action.

  • They make bottles to the highest standards of Swiss quality and craftsmanship.
  • They make bottles that are ecologically sound, reusable, and ultimately, easily recycled.
  • They make bottles that are as fashionable as they are functional.
  • The future they see is green and clean, sleek and stylish.

SIGG has a line of bottles just for ‘Big’ kids in both boy and girl styles.  Holding .4L or about 13.5 oz, it’s a suitable size for grade school children.  What makes these a bit different from the other bottles SIGG sells is that they come with a sports cap.  Alternatively, you can personalize a bottle with your own original decal using SIGGSkins (

These SIGG water bottles are a great alternative to plastic water bottles (for those who are worried about leaching) and they can stand up to the daily activities of a 1st grader!  For $19.99 it won’t take long to recoup the money you spend on juice packs, by being able to buy in bulk and reuse your SIGG.

SIGG water bottles can be purchased nationwide or online at their shop or  SIGG is offering Free Shipping on orders of two or more full price bottles from their online store. 

Now through December 20, 2010, SIGG and are offering free engraving on bottles bought through the website.  USE code ENFREE11 during checkout at to receive up to $6 off per bottle.  Go to the Greensender Bottle Shop and build your bottle.

 “I wrote this feature on behalf of SIGG and received a complimentary SIGG Water Bottle to thank me for taking the time to share about them in my Gift Guide.”

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