Air Conditioning Woes

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sun glarephoto credit: Bala

Air conditioning.  It’s been on my mind a lot lately.  Not because we need it here in South Dakota right now (far from it!), but because we have our home for sale, and we have a spring date every year with our ‘air conditioning guy.’ 

We have a leak somewhere in our line, they’ve checked the last two years and it’s not outside where it could be fixed, but rather our garage ceiling would have to be ripped apart so they could find it.  No thank you.  So instead, each spring we have them come out and top off the Freon each year.  It’s easy, it’s painless, it’s just that we have to remember to do it before it gets too warm and our air conditioner seizes up because the Freon levels get too low!  

It’s funny with our pending move to Texas, and just having attended Blissdom (where the weather was I might add less than stellar), I got some advice about air conditioning houston style from some local bloggers.  Like:

  1. Make sure your air conditioner works in Texas in summer.  It gets hot.

  2. You know how hot it gets in Texas in summer?  Make sure your air conditioning is working.

  3. That Texas heat, it’s going to kill you in summer.  Your air conditioner will work overtime.

Friends of ours moved last year from Maryland to San Antonio.  They’re renting a two story home and after the first few weeks of summer went out and purchased window unit air conditioners for their upstairs bedrooms.  Yes, we filed that tip away for the future!

I find it kind of humorous though, because even though we’re located in the Northern Plains, it gets hot here in summer too.  It’s not unheard of to get several weeks of 90+ degree weather here, and we have humidity too.  But I guess that’s part of the difference, we only get a few weeks of weather like that, in Texas it’s like months!  So even though I’m trying to prepare for it, I’m certain our first couple of summers there are going to be an eye opener.

What do you prefer in terms of temperature?  Hot or cold?

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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