8 Best Things to Do in The Chennai

Chennai, formerly known as Madras and on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India is the capital of Tamil Nadu. There are a couple of awesome things you can do in Chennai. You can find the best accommodation such as traditional Indian small houses and a wide range of luxury rooms on the beautiful beaches of Chennai.

You can enjoy the multi-cultures and ancient rituals of the people of India. If you want to explore Chennai, it is best you book a car rentals in Chennai so that you can do the following things in this beautiful city.


Elliot’s Beach

If you visit Chennai, you should visit Elliot’s beach. At this beach, you can experience the sunrise at this beach which offers you awesome feelings. This is the place to visit in the morning with your pets and friends.

This beach has great walking paths and you can find many local foods. You can see the old temples, churches, and monuments on the way to this beach. As you know many Indian people love to stay in the USA and Canada and if you are a Canadian citizen, and have planned for your next trip to Chennai you should choose the best flight service of Cathay Pacific to .

There is one Karl Schmidt memorial that is an architectural landmark. It was built in the memory of the European sailor who drowned in 1930. He was trying to save a girl in the water but unfortunately, he couldn’t save himself.



There are many temples in the built by the Pallava dynasty in the 7th and 8th centuries. You can experience the architecture of the old centuries. If you are an explorer and remain in the quest of the old civilizations and buildings, this place will attract you and you can enjoy the place.

If you are young, you will love it more, you can hang out and can explore more things. This place is declared a UNESCO site for the heritage.

There is a seashell museum and I am sure you have never seen such a type of museum ever before. If you are in Chennai next time you should visit this place with your friends. If you are visiting India, Cathay Pacific is the best option for you to travel, you will enjoy the flight.


Marina Beach

Marina beach is the world’s second-largest beach on the earth. The length of the beach is 6.5 kilometers and it is a natural urban beach. This is a sandy beach; you can spend quality time here with your friends and family.

The beauty of this beach is you can enjoy the local food of India and you know the food of India has a huge fan following across the globe.

If you are in Chennai, every cab driver will tell you about the beach and want to take you to that place.


Bird Sanctuary

Hamlet of the hunter “Vedanthangal” is one of the fantastic and fabulous sanctuaries of the birds. Everyone enjoys the birds’ company but some are crazy about that if you are one of the crazy people about birds you can enjoy it more.

In the migration season, 40,000 birds visit this sanctuary every year across the globe. You can see the different and rare birds in this sanctuary.

This is the oldest bird sanctuary in India. People around India come with their children the whole year, especially in the migration season. If you want to visit this sanctuary, you should visit it from November to March.

If you are a student studying birds, this place is worth visiting for you. because you can meet with the world’s best ornithologists and bird’s lover at this place.


Shopping in the T Nagar

T Nagar is the best traditional shopping place in Chennai. You shop from the brands and if you want to enjoy the company of the locals you should go to T Nagar. You can find anything in this Bazar. From luxury to household items, you can find anything here in this market.

The one thing that is weird in this Bazar, is you can experience a lot of crowds here. If you are going to this Bazar, you should park your car out of the Bazar, if you come with your car, you can stick in the crowd. But the best option to visit this place is local transportation. In this way, you can walk freely in the Bazar.


Trekking in the Chennai

If you are looking for adventure, you should try the treks in Chennai. They will amuse you. As Chennai is a coastal area, you can find adventure spots in this city.

Chennai has various trekking places of different grades. You can choose according to your choice. If you are good at trekking, you can choose the high mountain area for trekking. You can find the guide if you are new to trekking.


Pulicat Lake

Pulicat lake is a very fascinating lake where you can watch beautiful birds. If you visit this place during the migration season. You will be surprised to see the various rare birds on the lakeside.

If you are a bird and nature lover, this place is best for you to visit. If you are going to visit this place, you should have a camera so that you can capture the beautiful pictures of nature and birds. You can also see the photographers roaming around the lake in the morning particularly.


The traditional food of Chennai

There are two following main foods in South India.

  • Idli Sambhar: It is a popular food in south India. It is made of batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice.
  • Dosa: Dosa is a type of pancake made from batter. It is made of rice and black gram. It is popular across South India.

If you are in Chennai, you should visit the neighboring city Swocarpet. This city has beautiful buildings and old markets. You can find anything you need from this market. It is famous for its food variety. If you are a food lover, you will enjoy this city more. You can eat the world’s best chaat in this city.

You will see everywhere the people of Gujrat are selling the food items in the streets. It has a very traditional and old-fashioned way of selling food.


If you are worried about choosing your next trip destination, you should go to Chennai. You can explore and watch many worlds’ best things in the enjoyment.

Every inch of Chennai has fantasy and you can make beautiful memories of your life. If you visit Chennai once, you will learn a lot about the religions and cultures of the world.

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