7 Car Oil Myths You Should Avoid While Buying a Pre-owned Family Car

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Do you want to buy a second-hand car for family trips? For driving cars you should know about the myths associated with car oil. In this article, we will discuss about the various legends in the world of cars and car oil.

 Here are few car legends and proofs that counter them

# Change oil before going out on a long trip

Changing your car’s oil is good, if you are going out on a long trip. However, the interval for oil change should be scheduled during the trip. If it is not scheduled that way, you do need to change the oil of your car. Another important point in this regard is that you should not change the oil of your car just before a trip. Sometimes, mechanics are not careful enough before giving the green signal for driving. When the car starts driving, it leaks oil because the drain plug comes out due to vibration. In the event that you want to service your car before a big trip, you should do it at least 7 days before you commence the trip.

# If the oil in the dipstick is black, change oil

There is no hard-and-fast rule that if the color of oil in your car turns black, it is spent fuel. Car oil can change color due to the presence of different types of chemicals in the fuel.  Moreover, if oil does not get dark in hue, it means it is not exactly working the way it should.

# In case you have travelled for around three thousand miles, change fuel

The idea of changing oil quickly is devised by service stations that are always looking for customers. Different cars have different oil change intervals. Follow the car manual to know the exact intervals for changing oil. These days, most cars are equipped with a light, which turns on when the oil tank is about to get empty.

Car Oil

# Opt for synthetic oil

There is a common belief that synthetic oil is better than conventional oil. Dealerships and service stations often ask their clients to use synthetic oil. However, synthetic oil is also costlier than conventional oil. This may be the actual reason behind the promotion of the former. The truth is that even though synthetic oil has been tested and found to be of superior quality, conventional oil is not damaging to the car.

# If you use synthetic oil once, you cannot use petroleum-based oil

A certain school of thought believes that you cannot shift to conventional oil once your car gets accustomed to synthetic oil. But, tests say that synthetic oil is a mixture of many compounds. Therefore, when you use synthetic oil it means that your car is running on both types of oil. If the owner’s manual of your car mentions that you can use both the oil types, there is no problem in switching between the two.

# All vehicles should undergo severe maintenance schedule

The term ‘severe ‘ refers to vehicles that have to run in a closed track or have to travel on an emergency situation, like a taxi. When a vehicle has to drag other heavy vehicles, it falls under severe maintenance. Not all cars fall under the severe schedule and especially not personal cars.

# Shake the car while pouring oil to facilitate faster filling of the oil tank

Oil is liquid and it does not matter whether you shake the car or not. Unlike solid, which needs a jerk to settle down; oil settles down on its own.

These are some of the myths prevalent in the market. Try not to get influenced by them. This way, you can comfortably go out on family trips for years, without any issue.

Author Bio – Stella Jones, with experience of 15 years, has helped clear the doubts of second-hand car owners. She is a car expert and recommends her readers to buy used cars from Ideal Auto USA.

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  1. I just heard two coworkers this week talking about needing to change their oil if they went on a roadtrip. It’s interesting to read that that might not be true, and they definitely shouldn’t put it off until the last minute!

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