7 Affordable Ways to Help Keep Your Home Secure – Master Lock #LSSS

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As a Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad Ambassador, I have received compensation and products for my family to use in my home for our safety and security. Any opinions I share in posts related to the Live Security Squad and Master Lock are my own.

June is both National Safety Month and Home Safety Month.  It’s a wonderful privilege to live in a safe community where you know your neighbors and everyone watches out for each other, but sometimes that very feeling of safety makes us become negligent in keeping our home safe from break ins.  As part of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad I want to share a few easy and affordable ways that you make your home less of a target for thieves.  You don’t have to spend a lot to deter a burglar to move on to another home.

1. Security System Signs – If you own a security system…use it and put out the signs that the company provided for you.  Make sure they are placed in spots that would be thieves would try and enter the home.  A back door, window or poorly lit area.  Even if you don’t own a security system you can ward off a break in by putting out security system signs, if they think you have your home monitored they might not take the chance.  You can purchase signs for under $5.

2. Be Visible – In our area of the country one of the ways thieves are choosing houses is by posing as a business person and ringing doorbells first to see if someone is home.  If no one answers the door they find a back door and enter through that.  I prefer not to answer the door when I’m home alone and not expecting anyone, however I do make my presence known by walking in front of the door so the person there knows that indeed there is someone in the house.  Of course this doesn’t cost you anything to do!

3. Beware of Dog – I realize Spot and Fido aren’t that affordable, but you don’t have to have a dog to make it look like you have a dog.  Much like the security signs, someone who is trying to illegally enter your home may think twice if they see a Beware of Dog sign.  To make it even more effective, leave large dog food and water bowls near a point of entry that have some food and water in them.  The cost is minimal to purchase any of those items.

2.4GHz cctv dect phone baby-monitor4. Baby Monitor – If you’re not ready to invest in a security system, a baby monitor can do a pretty good job of letting you know whose been lurking around your home.  Set it up so that the one unit can capture video or sound but is still relatively concealed, and the receiving unit is in your home or wirelessly delivered to your computer or camera.  You can generally get one of these for less than $100, and then it’s just your time and a few extras if you need to build a box or structure to conceal the outdoor unit.

5. Master Lock Nightwatch Deadbolts – The Master Lock Nightwatch Deadbolts are a really unique way to ensure that your locks can’t be picked or opened even if someone has a key!    The Nightwatch Feature can only be engaged and disengaged from inside the home.

If you only have one exterior door to your home or if you have Nightwatch Deadbolts on all your doors, you will have to leave at least one of them disengaged in order to get back in your house since a key won’t open the lock when it’s engaged.  It’s a safety feature to help you be more secure while you’re in your home.

It’s available in a number of finishes to match your existing décor and fits most pre-bored deadbolt holes (you may need to do a little bit of extra work for custom doors to get it to fit).  Depending on the finish you are looking at you can purchase them for as low as under $20 on Amazon.com.

Here’s a great video on Youtube of someone who is showing how it can’t be bumped or picked when the Nightwatch feature is engaged!

6. Security Bars – If you have a sliding glass or patio door, a Master Lock Security Bar is a great way to  resist a forced entry.  It’s adjustable from 27-1/2″ – 42″ so will fit most standard sliding door entry ways.  These retail for around $25.

7. Window Alarms – It doesn’t cost much over $10 to get a few window alarms to add to your home.  With high decibel alarms, an intruder is likely going to flee when trying to enter through a window and one goes off.  They typically require no wiring and have replaceable batteries, making them a good security addition to bedroom windows and those that might be in unlit areas at night time.

What are some affordable ways you help to keep your home secure?

10 thoughts on “7 Affordable Ways to Help Keep Your Home Secure – Master Lock #LSSS

  1. We are a little lazy when it comes to home security. We have good neighbors who keep an eye on each other and our doors are usually locked. Country life makes you feel more secure but I know we aren't always.

  2. I've heard bad things about safety monitors – that others can break into the frequency. Just recently there was a piece on about how someone was controlling the monitor in their child's room.

  3. We have signs in the yard. I think that's a definite to anyone trying to fend off unwanted guests. I like that lock and think I will look into investing in one.

  4. Our dog is our biggest security feature! He sounds ferocious, but if anyone actually broke in he'd be hiding under the bed.

  5. Thanks for the tips. All of them are very useful for the security.
    I am looking forward to reading more of these posts.

  6. I feel our dog is a great deterrent for any potential intruders. No one seems to want to chance a run in with an all black boxer/pit bull mix!

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