6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Hot Tub

It’s human nature to purchase something brand new and then turn the mind to other items that can make that new purchase even better. After all, few things come with everything needed to fully enjoy them. Think about the smartphone you use on a daily basis. Sure, the phone comes ready for you to talk, text, and surf, but does it come with a cover to protect it against damage when dropped or wireless headphones that make it easier to listen on the go? In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no. Your hot tub is no different! You can purchase the hot tub of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean it comes with the fun (and essential) accessories you need to fully enjoy and protect your hot tub. As you browse hot tub and spa accessories, focus first on some of these must-have items.

1.    Hot Tub Covers

Not all of the accessories you’ll buy for your hot tub are fun. Remember our smartphone analogy above? Yes, phone covers can be fun, but it’s more about the protection than the fun aspect when it comes to covers. The same applies to purchasing a hot tub cover. A hot tub without a cover is like a fridge with no door or a house with no roof. How are you going to keep the heat in your hot tub efficiently without a cover? The cover on your hot tub helps maintain the temperature of the water and eases the burden your filters face as it prevents natural debris from blowing into the water when not in use.

As a bonus related to this point, consider buying a hot tub cover lift, too. Covers come in a variety of styles and thicknesses. Generally speaking, the more rugged the cover is, the more it will weigh. If you want to make it faster and easier to uncover your tub for enjoyment, consider purchasing a hot tub cover lift to automatically handle the job for you.

2.    Hot Tub Steps

Getting in and out of your hot tub shouldn’t feel like a physical challenge. This isn’t American Gladiators, and it shouldn’t feel like access to the hot tub is only for the taller among us. Spa steps are a matter of convenience and make it easier for you to get up into your tub, as well as make it safer to get out of the tub when you are wet from a relaxing soak. Most hot tub steps are made from plastic or redwood, and you should be able to easily find one that matches the color of your hot tub for the sake of uniformity.

3.    Hot Tub Tables and Convenience Accessories

While the primary use of your hot tub is no doubt relaxation and relief, there is also the option to entertain guests in your hot tub as well. While some hot tubs come with a few built-in cup holders around the frame, it’s hard to adequately entertain all of your guests with those few cup holders. If you want to entertain in style and safely keep food debris from entering the water, consider investing in trays, tables, and even floating cup holders that allow you to safely entertain within your hot tub without spills.

4.    Hot Tub Pillows

As we just mentioned, relaxation is one of the primary goals for any hot tub owner. Some hot tubs have formed molds that are meant to mimic the body’s shape and make it more comfortable, but most of these forms forget that your head remains above the water. As you look along the edge of your hot tub, you won’t find any convenient places to comfortably rest your head. Spa pillows are made of foam and a thick plastic outer layer. If you want to really relax while lying in your hot tub, a pillow is a must. It keeps your head and neck in a natural position, so you don’t develop a kink in your neck while you’re trying to relax and soothe the rest of your body.

5.    Hot Tub Cleaning Tools

OK, now it’s time to focus on something a little more serious. Your hot tub’s longevity is dependent in large part on how you care for it. Like washing your car and changing the oil keep your vehicle running, . Examples of hot tub cleaning tools you should consider buying include:

  • Floating bromine dispensers
  • Spa vacuums
  • Water-wand filter cleaners

6.    Hot Tub Umbrellas

Finally, many hot tub owners place their outdoor hot tub in direct sunlight. There is a good reason for doing this as the UV lights from the sun can help keep your water clean by killing off bacteria. However, just because the sun serves a good purpose when your hot tub is not in use doesn’t mean you want it beating down on your while you’re sitting in the hot tub. Keep the sun out of your eyes and avoid the risk of sunburn while you relax in your hot tub with a hot tub umbrella. Most models either affix directly to the side of the hot tub or stand on pedestals next to your hot tub. You can open the umbrella when you want to use the hot tub and close it when not in use to allow the sun’s UV rays to do their job killing bacteria.

While some hot tubs will come with a few cleaning tools or even a cover at purchase, these are often included in the purchase price and aren’t guaranteed to be of the highest quality. There’s no point in spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a hot tub if you are going to leave it exposed. Enjoy your hot tub and for years to come with these must-have hot tub accessories.


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