5 Tours for Active Travelers

Some travelers don’t want to spend their trips relaxing and lounging in spas! Active travelers are always looking for new, exciting ways to see the world. They like trekking through the mountains and pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones. Active travelers need tours that can offer them all the thrills they seek! Here are five types of tours perfect for active travelers.

1. Bike Tours

If you’ve ever to tour a new city, you know how much ground you can cover in just a few short hours. Whether you rent a bike or take a bike tour, you’ll be embarking on a heart-pounding trek of the city.

Bikes are a great way to travel because they’re inexpensive and easy to use. on a bike is also a great way to boost your heart rate, burn calories, and lead a healthier lifestyle! Take in the fresh air and the different point of view with an eco-friendly bike tour of your destination.

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2. Kayak tours

Kayaking is one of the few sports that engages your full body in an intense workout! Kayaking can target your back muscles, chest muscles, and your abs in a way that is sure to leave you sore afterwords. If your destination has a local lake, canal, or other body of water, what better way to see it than by kayak? This fresh perspective on your destination will allow you to snap unique photos and enjoy a quiet day on the water.

3. Hiking Tours

Sometimes city life can be exhausting. Trade the skyscrapers for mountain air with a hiking tour. Whether you explore with a group and a guide or you pick up the trail on your own, hiking is a great activity. Not only is hiking good for your body, but it’s . As little as a 50 minute walk in nature is proven to improve one’s mood and decrease anxiety!

While hiking, you can take in the local wildlife and foliage. Snap panoramic photos from the top of the mountain to remind yourself it was all worth it! By the time you’re through with your trek, you’ll feel refreshed mentally and physically.

4. Local Sport

Every corner of the globe is home to its own local sports and activities. The best way to understand a culture and a place is to immerse yourself in their sports and fun activities. Whether you’re in Australia and you want to try surfing or you’re in Colorado and want to try skiing, you’re sure to leave with an unforgettable experience.

No matter what you want to try, there is a tour for you. An experienced guide can help you learn anything from rock climbing to white water rafting. Be prepared to work the muscles you aren’t used to, as some tours can also be a physical exercise!

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5. Snorkeling

Explore the ocean with a unique snorkeling experience. You don’t need to be a super experienced swimmer, and you can easily snorkel as a beginner. There are a number of snorkel tours to choose from for a guided experience, or you can simply pick up the gear yourself.

You might be surprised to find that snorkeling is actually an ! It’s the perfect activity for those looking for a low impact workout or those who want to improve their lung capacity. Tour the aquatic world while you get a refreshing workout.

Active Travelers

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a quality workout. There are a lot of great ways to explore the local destination while fitting in your daily steps and cardio. These active tours offer travelers a unique perspective at their destination that can’t be found on a tour bus or inside a museum.

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