5 Reasons To Move To Texas

In 2020, Texas was the second most moved to place in the country. There are a ton of reasons why that was the case, but today, I wanted to spell a few of them out for you. Here are a few reasons to move to the great state of Texas:


Bad time to post about this, right? I am sure that everyone is still emotionally scarred and hung up on the weather that recently hit this state. Phew! But…that weather was a huge exception to this rule, but typically, the weather in Texas is amazing all-year round. The average high is 77 degrees (94 degrees during summer), and the low average is 57 degrees. You’ll still see the changing seasons, minus the extreme winter season weather experienced in the northern states (typically…). Delight in 2,911 hours of Texas sunshine every year.


The food

The Lone Star State practically invented barbeque and if you do a quick Google or YouTube search, you will realize that the best of the best are usually from Texas. The state is known all over the world for its passion and affinity for drool-worthy barbecue. Here, meat is king (sorry vegetarians). There is never a shortage of restaurants ready to serve up a steamy slab of meat and some great ones at that.

Natural beauty

Aside from the copious amount of beautiful land that a lot of Texans have, Texas is full of natural wonders and beauty to behold, almost too many to count. Some Texas favorites include the historical Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Palo Duro Canyon, calming Padre Island National Seashore and 100,000 acres of unspoiled backcountry at Big Thicket National Preserve. But again, speaking of the land. A lot of people move here to have a bigger space. More land, animals, and even a garden. It really is the perfect spot to start a homestead.


The job market and affordability

In Texas, the cost of living is lower than the U.S. average. There is no personal income tax and no corporate income tax. On average, home values are 84.3% of the nationwide average, whilst medical costs are 95.4% of the countrywide figures. What’s more, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average, as well.


The culture

You know what they say: “everything’s bigger in Texas” and that includes its culture. In fact, ask anyone from the Lone Star State, and they’ll tell you that Texas is practically its own country. Everything from the cowboy boots, Country music and rodeos to the tacos, square dancing and football tailgates make Texas one of the most unique states in America. In addition, Texas has an exceptionally vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with a number of festivals, concerts and theaters throughout the state. Because of the culture, Texas is truly one of the most free states in the country, too. Most of us rep the USA with big hearts and we are so proud to live here.

reasons to move to Texas


Ready to move to Texas?

After reading through all of these reasons, I bet you are ready to move to this great old state, right? If you do, choose your city wisely! There are so many great cities, but they all boat their own vibe and feel. When you finally nail down a city, hire movers to help you out. can save you the headache and backache when helping you move. They can help with , apartment moving, packing services, commercial moving services, and more. They are based out of the Garland, Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but also serve surrounding areas. They bring quick and efficient customer-focused services to the table + affordable pricing. You cannot go wrong, especially if you are new to the area!

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