5 Great Gift Ideas for Men

If you’re like me, you find it much easier to buy gifts for Mom than you do for Dad.  Before you know it June will be here and then you’ll be fighting the clock to purchase something.  So here are 5 great gift ideas for men to get Dad, that you can build on, for the day that’s all about him.


I love the company Lazy One for sleep and lounge wear because they are so comfy.  They also have great humorous designs, often paired with a cartoon and punny saying. These novelty pants are sure to make him laugh with their clever (dare I say it?!) ‘dad’ jokes. great gift ideas


It’s hard to run around after kids when his sneakers are killing his feet.  Take heart: have visible air in the heel of the speckled midsole that provides cushioning.  Bonus; he’ll look awesome pushing that stroller in the park or on the sidelines of the soccer field with these stylish but classic sneakers.

great gift ideas


Think accessories are just for women?  Think again!  Hats, socks and watches are all great ideas, but if say an iWatch is not in your budget why not consider some blue light blocking glasses for Dad?  Not only do they alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights, but he can channel his inner Clark Kent while wearing them.


Get your man a new backpack and fill it like a gift bag.  Toss his favorite candy, toiletries and small tech items into it and it’s like giving two gifts at once.  Better yet buy him one of these insulated golf cooler bags, even if he doesn’t play golf.   It fits 6 beverage cans or 2 bottles of wine.  If you fill that up, what guy wouldn’t love a gift like that?!

great gift ideas for men


If you don’t have a regular game night in your home, now is the time to start!  There are so many games out there to play with family and friends.  Games themselves are great gift ideas for men, but the time you spend together playing them… that’s priceless!  If you’re playing with adults, Comment Below is a super fun game based on Facebook status updates.  One of my favorite family games is one called Cover Your Assets.  The goal is to accumulate $1,000,000, so if you’re feeling nice, you can let your man win one round so he can feel like a millionaire.

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