4 Tips for Fall Family Safety

This post is sponsored by Master Lock and part of my involvement in the Live Secure Safety Squad. All opinions are my own.

Can you believe it’s midway through September already? The days have begun to take on a new routine, the air has cooled off and it’s more pleasant to be outside. We’re taking advantage of that by working and playing more outdoors and getting the home in ship shape with some home maintenance before winter sets in.

Both the fun and projects need to be thought about with safety in mind. As part of Master Locks’ Live Secure Safety Squad we’re sharing a few of our Fall Family Safety Tips covering different areas and Master Lock products that are useful around the home and our daily living.

fall family safety

1. Secure home entrances – Fall means that it gets lighter later and darker sooner. So it’s always the time to make sure that the light bulbs in our entry way and our motion lights around the house are clean and working. Keeping them on is both helpful in making sure visitors and delivery people have adequate lighting to come to your door, but also to deter would be thieves from breaking in.

If you need to allow someone access to your home but won’t be around, Master Lock’s new SafeSpace 5424D Portable Light-Up Dial Lock Boxes provide a secure, reliable key access storage with a durable weather cover, solid body construction and set- your-own combination convenience. The large inside space allows for storage of multiple keys and the removable shackle on the portable model offers easy installation and removal.  With the seasons changing the weather cover adds protection from the outdoor elements and the light-up dials means that a flashlight won’t be needed in low-light conditions.

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Consider getting a Master Lock 20 Gauge Steel Dual Function Adjustable Door Security Bar for your sliding door as well. When placed in the track it resists forced entry through sliding patio doors, making that entrance to your home more secure.

2. Pack a vehicle kit – Here in Texas fall is all about football and hunting. We’re talking tailgating and blinds, and that means going on the road. It’s smart to have a vehicle kit packed with more than just a first aid kit. Consider an extra pair of shoes and socks, gloves, bottled water, a mini jumpstart kit and a charged backup battery supply for your smartphone. You never know when you might need these items.

For the hunters, the Master Lock 107DSPT Gun Lock is an important safety item to have around. The deadbolt locking mechanism can only be opened and closed with the key inserted and turned.

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3. Lock up outdoor tools – The children find jumping in the leaf piles far more fun than dad and mom do raking them up. After the end of a long day of yard work, don’t forget to lock up the outdoor tools. Safely storing those items away can be the difference between everybody going to bed tired but happy and a trip to the emergency room.

poolnoodle-pic credit from pinterest The Family Handyman
Picture credit – The Family Handyman on Pinterest.

A pool noodle is a perfect way to safely store a rake.

Shovels, pruning shears, hand saws, etc. should all be put away in a storage area that locks. The Master Lock 8300D Set Your Own Directional Combination Speed Dial Cable Lock can be used to secure any number of things from lawnmowers, grills and bicycles to gates, fence, tools and ladders to ensure safety while you’re using the items and in storage.

4. Secure Sensitive Documents – In our home fall is the time of year when we have a lot of paperwork with sensitive information coming in and out of our home. Sometimes it’s for school, or getting ready for insurance enrollment. This is the time we’re finishing up those last minute doctor checkups before the year ends. You may find this also, and if so I urge you to not leave sensitive documents visible. If you’re going away, put your mail on hold.

Paper is still a big source of identity theft. If you don’t need the information again, shred it. If you do, lock those documents away in a safe place like the SentrySafe SFW123FTC Extra Large Digital Fire Safe. This safe has a digital lock, 4 large live-locking bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar. This is the place to keep your Social Security Cards, passports, health insurance cards, receipts you need that have personal information and lists of your PINs and passwords.

These are just some of the Master Lock products we use and things we do to keep our family safe in fall. What are some of the things that you do to keep your family safe during this seasonal transition?

3 thoughts on “4 Tips for Fall Family Safety

  1. I need to Pack a vehicle kit right away. It is very good for me to make sure to have this in my car. I have all my outdoor tools and lawn mower put away and made sure to secure everything.

  2. We keep extra items in our car too in case we ever get stranded, especially in cold weather months.

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