4 Outfit Ideas For All Summer Activities

June 21 marked the summer solstice, meaning summer is now officially upon us. Time for backyard BBQs, day-long beach trips, and extended weekends. School’s out and kids are flooding the neighborhood greenbelts and community pools. But even if you’re stuck in an office five days a week, there are still plenty of summer activities to enjoy around the clock, and a part of that includes dressing the part.

Summertime brings many new clothing options. It’s time to build your tan again so those winter-white legs don’t limit your wardrobe choices. Some of this season’s favorites include bright colors, flowy dresses and tasteful crop tops. But there’s an art to guaranteeing you pair the right outfit with the right activity. Dressing for the many summer affairs requires some preparation. The soaring temperatures and increasing humidity really impact an outfit (not to mention, taming frizzy hair). So we’ve put together some of our favorite summer outfit ideas to stay stylish, but still comfortable, for every event on your calendar this month.Pool Party. Before you grab your and head out the door, let’s think about the best wardrobe choice for your friend’s pool party. Parties by the pool are sometimes the hardest summer activity to plan for. You will be in and out of the water which means you’ll want to arrive with a cute suit should you choose to dive in right away, but also have a cover-up available for casual lounging by the pool. When selecting a swimsuit, find a style that flatters your body type, and pick a cover-up that complements the bathing suit as well as your own personal style. Lastly, grab a hat, a cute pair of sunnies, and don’t forget your !Outfit IdeasOutdoor Concerts. Music under the stars is a highlight for many during the summer months. It’s also the perfect time to pull out your flower crown for more alternative music sections or daisy dukes for an evening of country music. Whatever the genre, dress lightly but with multiple layers. A denim button up is the perfect solution to stay warm during colder evenings. When it comes to shoes, steer clear of heels! You’ll instantly regret those stilettos after the first act is done and you’re aching to sit the rest of the night out. Put on a pair of flats and be poised to dance the night away. If you live in a humid region of the country don’t forget bug spray before you leave the house. There’s nothing worse than ending a perfect night with bites all over your legs.4th of July Cookout. Food is a crucial component to planning your 4th of July cookout, but in the middle of flag-inspired cakes, all-American sliders and refreshing salads, don’t forget your star spangled banner outfit. Because July is quickly upon us, and if you’re like most of us, somehow the summer just keeps flying by, you may be against a tight deadline to find the perfect outfit for the 4th. Fear not! If small details are getting in the way and you need a last minute, all-encompassing outfit, choose from an array of . It’s the quintessential choice and can be used for many consecutive years and occasions. The flag never goes out of style.TEXAS-Tailgating-OzarkaBaseball Game. A night at the ballpark, with a hot dog and cold draft beer in hand, is a classic summer pastime. While rocking a team jersey may be right up your alley, not everyone in attendance is a hardcore fan. Baseball games are all about the experience and this may be another opportunity to include some creative flare in your outfit selection, but always choose to stay comfortable. Remember: the walk from the parking lot to the stadium can be quite the trek. While you don’t need to wear a jersey, sticking to your team’s colors is always a good way to go. Bring along a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. And like outdoor concerts, dress in layers so you can stay warm when the stadium gets chillier at night.

There you have it: a guide to compiling a topnotch outfit for all your favorite summertime activities. Have fun, stay cool, and dress fabulously!

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