12 After-School Snacks Kids Will Love

Not quite two weeks ago we dropped our daughter off at college.  My husband and I spent the car ride home reminiscing about all the school years from Kindergarten until now.  From first days of the school years to field trips, to packing lunches and after school activities.  Things have changed so much for us now!

This made me realize- I’m in the position of sharing what I’ve learned over the years with moms who are just starting out on this journey. And since there’s never too many snack ideas in a mom’s arsenal, I am going to share the Foodie collection I’ve made with 12 After-School Snacks Kids Will Love.  All 12 ideas are things I’ve made and posted on my blog over the years.  Some are healthy…some are not 🙂  But they’ve all been tasted and tested by my daughter, who I might add is a pretty picky eater.

Hopefully you’ll find a few in the collection that your kids will enjoy too.

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Check out 12 After-School School Snacks Kids Will Love
by Tammy Litke at Foodie.com

 What are your children’s favorite after-school snacks?

8 thoughts on “12 After-School Snacks Kids Will Love

  1. I love these options, especially the fruit ones, great picks for a after school snack.

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