10 Jewelry Gifts for Women Veterans

Getting gifts means thinking about someone’s interests and passions. Making a gift personal shows the receiver that you put thought into that gift. Gift cards don’t cut it!

If you’re looking for a present to give to a female veteran, there are actually a ton of unique options.

When buying a gift for , thinking about their personal style can help spark some inspiration. Whether they’re jewelry lovers or not, a personalized piece that speaks to them is always a treasured gift.

Wondering which jewelry gifts for women veterans to choose from? We’re here to help. Here are 10 great jewelry gifts that you can but the female veteran in your life.

  1. Brass .50 Caliber Earrings

Sword & Plough is an awe-inspiring jewelry company that makes brass jewelry pieces made from repurposed bullet casings.

Shanna, the “veteran jewelry artisan,” served eight years in the army using a .50 caliber machine gun. Shann was inspired by used ammunition and started making jewelry in 2005.

These are made in the USA from solid brass.

10% of the profits made with the sales of this jewelry are donated and over 30,000 lbs of “military surplus” has been repurposed into items sold by Sword & Plough. Check here for , and here for .

  1. Land of the Free Because of the Brave Charm

 This charm is a subtle way for the wearer to support the “land of the free,” but it’ll make a big impact when you present it to them. charm from Pandora ( and available) gives them an opportunity to add pride to their charm bracelet.

Colored in red, white, and blue, the text says it all and represents the respect given to the person who’s served their time to the country).

  1. PTSD Medical Alert Cuff

Show them you empathize with their struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by gifting them the . This one’s from Etsy, and you can sometimes find and online.

If the veteran is in a vulnerable position, they will be able to communicate their diagnosis with PTSD through the cuff to anyone they need to.

The bracelet cuff is made as a medical alert, but can also be worn as a reminder of support. It’s made with aluminum and can be made with a smooth like or hammered texture.

  1. Military Silver Heart Necklace

The from CafePress ( and ). is a good basic design in a simple heart shaped necklace.

This straightforward piece is a safe choice when finding jewelry gifts for women veterans. The pendant is made with a brass core and a brushed silver exterior. The image on the heart is covered by a durable epoxy. The chain is made from nickel with silver finish.

  1. Veteran Pave Heart Necklace

Another pretty silver choice is the . This one is for the woman who desires a little sparkle!

They’ll love the glittery look of the pave stones and simplicity of the design. It’s made with 2.5 carats of hand set crystal cubic zirconia stones and enamel. They can wear it proud and invite conversation about their time served. Save money on this one by snagging Inspired Silver – they’re usually offering a .

  1. Dichroic Glass Tree of Life Earrings

When it comes to buying jewelry gifts for women veterans, you don’t have to have the piece display your loved one’s veteran status. Take, for example, these beautiful illuminating .

These earrings might not appear to have anything to do with American military. However, every purchase from The Veterans Site, you fund at least one meal for a homeless vet or a vet that’s struggling financially.

There is a ton of different style jewelry pieces on this site, so if these aren’t quite their taste, there are plenty of other jewelry gifts for women veterans to choose from. Also, it’s easy to snag a or your order.

The charities this company partners with are Food Recovery Network, Veteran Homestead, and Veterans Village of San Diego.

  1. Opal Solitaire Ring

We just have to include another item from The Veteran Store. The is absolutely amazing. In the small print, it says a purchase of this ring provides six meals to veterans! It’s a symbol of care and support to fellow vets in need.

That color is mesmerizing. They can wear a lovely piece made of sterling silver and opal knowing that proceeds go to a worthy cause.

  1. Floating Locket Set

This from Walmart ( and ) is an interesting way to express one’s veteran status. Your friend can sport this colorful veteran pendant that’ll catch attention.

It’s a necklace that offers a little movement. The image up close shows us the pixel army print along with big, bold lettering that says “VETERAN.”

The colorful jewels add a feminine touch to the camouflage.

  1. Bullet Necklace

This next one features a bullet attached to a chain to wear as a necklace. The is a surefire way to get noticed.

They can wear a 100% real .50 caliber bullet necklace as jewelry and look pretty cool while doing it. Since this one’s on Amazon, it might be hard to find a promo code, but you can always here and .

  1. US Army Charm Bangle

This last choice is a delicate that can be worn day or night, casual or fancy.

If you’re loved one was/is in the U.S. Army, they can wear a piece that represents their time served in them military. The smooth band is flawless and looks dainty on the wrist. The great thing is, like many Alex and Ani pieces, it comes in both gold and silver! You can usually grab or for Alex and Ani.

Military wear doesn’t have to be clunky or masculine. Jewelry gifts for women veterans come in all shapes and sizes.


Now that you’ve seen the expansive styles of jewelry gifts for women veterans, purchasing a military related piece for someone is easy. Start shopping and mark it off your to-do list!


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