10 Bits of Useless Trivia About Me

Trivia by ~omairahmadDid you know today is National Trivia Day? 

I’m one of those people who remembers strange, useless pieces of information (ahem, the politically correct term is ‘Trivia’ I believe), but can’t remember where I put my car keys. 

Since I’ve committed to actually blogging about more than just products, but also about ME, I’ll start out the year, and Trivia Day with some useless trivia about myself!

1. My parents both immigrated to Canada.  My dad from Germany, and my mom from what was then East Germany.

2. I’m Canadian by birth.  (Okay that’s actually not so useless, because if my spelling seems to be off on some words, it’s probably the correct spelling North of the border, so please don’t think I’m entirely uneducated.)

3. When I was two, I had the whole entire neighborhood frantically searching for me, because my parents thought I was lost.  Meanwhile I had gone in through the open door (bad, bad big brother for leaving it open), climbed the stairs, and went to my room.  I apparently was an extremely intelligent child at a very young age and put myself down for naps.  Since I couldn’t climb in my crib, I crawled UNDER my crib and fell asleep.  It was hours before anyone found me.

4. I have been married for 16 years.  This April will mark 17 years of almost always wedded bliss.

5. My parents have been married for 46 years.  I hope my husband and I are that blessed.

6. My second name is my mother’s first name, and her second name is her mother’s first name (go that?…) when Amber was born, I wanted her second name to be my first name (still following?…) but the hubby wasn’t to keen on that tradition, so it never happened.

7. I haven’t grown (vertically that is…) since I was 12.

8. When I haven’t been a stay at home mom, I worked in the insurance industry.

9. My three favorite foods are Ice Cream, Pancakes and Popcorn, not necessarily in that order, and usually not at the same time (well I have been known to eat Ice Cream and Pancakes, and Ice Cream and Popcorn at the same time, but not Pancakes and Popcorn)

10. I have been to 12 different countries and 4 of the 7 continents.

If you want to share in this National Trivia Day with me – either leave a comment below letting me know a piece of trivia about you – or write your own post and then leave a link to it in a comment, and I’ll be sure to visit!

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