1 Quart Commercial Quality NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker

Regular readers of my blog will know that I LOVE ice cream.  Summer or winter, our freezer is always stocked with it.

I have looked at ice cream makers to make homemade ice cream for years, but as I had been hoping to receive one as a gift some time, I never went out and purchased one for myself.

So this year when I was asked if I wanted to include the NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker in my Gift Guide from Air & Water, I could hardly turn them down .

Using simple, natural ingredients you can whip up a quart of ice cream in about an hour or less.

The ice cream maker is easy to use and is fairly intuitive.  It comes with a booklet that has a few recipes in it to start you off.

We first made the chocolate ice cream recipe.  I was a bit impatient with this one, the recipe is fairly straight forward, but you have to heat the milk and chocolate up first, and then let it cool.  I don’t think I let it cool quite enough and so when the hour cycle was complete our ice cream was a bit soft…that being said, it was still delicious!

The next batch we made the classic vanilla.  Since nothing needed to be heated, this came out perfect when the cycle was finished.  We put it in for the whole 60 minutes, but it would have been fine even with a shorter time.  Instead of regular sugar we substituted Fibrelle in this batch, and it didn’t effect the flavor or consistency of the ice cream at all.

It took me quite a number of tries to get a good photo, wouldn’t you know by that time the ice cream was melting!

The NewAir AIC-210 makes more than just ice cream!  This appliance also lets you create refreshing sorbets, healthy frozen yogurt and even decadent gelato.

This is a commercial quality ice cream maker and has a built in freezer and compressor which makes it quite heavy.  Yet surprisingly it is very quiet when in operation.  Because of the built in freezer you don’t need to freeze the ice cream bowl prior to making the ice cream and you can use it continuously, so you can make batch after batch with no in between time.  I love that – since it’s too big to leave out on my counter, but I can make 4 or 5 quarts one right after another and keep us stocked for a few weeks at a time.

This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any family who loves ice cream.  You can save $25 on your purchase of the NewAir AIC-210 by using the code THREE25 through 12/31/11.  You simply need to type this into the coupon code box during checkout online or mention it to the sales rep if you call your order in.