Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web = The Biggest Return

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It’s February 17th today, which means you have just 57 days before Tax Day.  Dear me, I’m not likely getting a refund this year, so it means I’m watching my pennies wisely.  Possibly you are though…and if that’s the case you probably want to maximize that tax refund and stretch your dollars as best you can.  In either case whether you are getting some money back or whether you owe, might I suggest then, that if you are looking at getting a new mobile provider that you consider one of the Lowest Price Unlimited Plans from Walmart Family Mobile.

Walmart's Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans #shop

Walmart Family Mobile provides a lot of bang for your buck. You can purchase a variety of phones, including low cost smartphones under $100, to go along with their cheap wireless plans. Saving money in this case doesn’t mean you are left with an inferior product either. A number of these phones (like the Windows Nokia 521) are rated well too. My family started using the service last July and we’ve since added additional lines to it.

When we first moved to the Dallas area my husband was able to try out #FamilyMobile as part of a #CollectiveBias campaign.  I was soon jealous of his service, but I was stuck with a pre-paid provider because of the kind of phone I had.

Family Mobile Standard Micro Sim #shop

The cost of the starter kit for each line, which includes a SIM Card and activation, is $25.00. That is in line or less than the major carriers charge. But really how can you beat unlimited talk text and data/web (5GB of that being at 3G/4G speeds) for $39.88 a month? And then each additional line you add you save $5 on making them just $34.88 a month! So when our daughter needed a cell phone it was a no brainer to add her to the service.

Save $5 Family Mobile #shop

Then this past December I was fortunate enough to win a phone that was compatible with Walmart Best Plans service. Hooray! I could ditch my other prepaid carrier and add myself to the Family Mobile plan. Oh happy day.

I’ve done plenty of comparison shopping and there’s no other place that for 3 lines of unlimited data/web where we each get 5GB of high speed data (since we all have 4G enabled phones we’re getting 4G service) before we’re throttled, unlimited texting and unlimited minutes for $129.65 including taxes & fees a month.

Between Wi-Fi and the large amount of data allowed not even my 17 year old has ever used 5GB in a month. And unlimited texting is huge, because again…I have a teenager. We rarely use a significant amount of minutes, but I like to know that I don’t have to worry about keeping my talk time down to 100 or 300 minutes or less should I ever need to be on the phone for a long period of time some months. I think the bundle Walmart Family Mobile is offering is a big return to #MaxYourTax.

In the 7 months we’ve been using Family Mobile we’ve only encountered one time when we didn’t have service. We were out in pretty much the middle of nowhere Texas, and the family we were with couldn’t get any service either.  They contract with Sprint. Touché. 

What I also like about the Walmart Family Mobile service is that I can keep tabs of our account online. If I wanted to put parental controls on our daughter’s phone I could, plus I can add and monitor prepaid Extras that we can use for downloading extra things, directory service and international roaming (which is great for us since we’re in Canada at least once per year). Those options are excellent since there is no extra monthly charge to access those features we just pay for what we need! We also used the online hub to sign up for automatic payment by credit card so we never need to worry about our bill not getting paid.

Walmart Family Mobile Online Account Management #shop

Just in case you’re wondering about my husband’s lack of phone use, this screenshot of our account was taken on February 14th, so we had just started the month.  Really he does use his phone .

I see Walmart Family Mobile fitting our family’s situation for a long time, but should we ever decide that we want to switch carriers, because it’s a no contract plan all we need to do is call their customer service and cancel. Reading the fine print in any agreement is always a necessity and I’ve found that one needs to call with a lead time prior to when your bill is due to not get charged for the next month because of the way their billing works, but as long as you do that, there is no termination fee. (Always read the fine print folks, always!) But since I know that, there are no surprises on my part if we choose to part ways.

With us needing to owe money this tax season I’m glad that we are at least saving where we can and I know that Walmart Family Mobile is a huge savings for us over other traditional contract plans and even over most pre-paid plans. Would you consider maximizing your tax return and getting a phone and coverage with one of Walmart Family Mobile’s Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plans?

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