Little Debbie Little Muffins Give Away

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Quick and easy breakfasts are normal in our home. It’s not because we go any particular place in the mornings, being homeschoolers and a blogger, well home is our school and workplace! But I’m not a morning person, and until I’ve had my first (or second) cup of coffee, I’m not flipping omelets or frying hashbrowns. It’s every man for himself around here in the mornings.

Even though our daughter is nearly 16, she still likes “mini”, partially because of the metal contraptions on her teeth and the elastics that hold them together, but also she still gets a kick out the “cute” factor of ‘mini’ food. So she was all over the Little Debbie Little Muffins when they arrived on our doorstep.

Given the choice of Chocolate Chip or Blueberry….she still goes for the chocolate, every time. But that’s okay with me, I prefer the blueberry anyway, and I’m all about the ‘mini’ snacks too, as the portioned bites keep me from eating too much.

Surprisingly, these little muffins pack a punch, you wouldn’t think such a small morsel could have a lot of stuff in it, yet the blueberries literally fell out when I took a bite, no joke! They were moist and have a good taste and texture.

These have been a great breakfast in our house, just enough to get our metabolisms going, but with out making me feel bogged down. For people that eat a complete breakfast, sharing a package of 4 mini-muffins with cereal or a banana, and a glass of milk would be another way to eat them.

Because they’re portable (5 packages of 4 Little Muffins in a box), they’d make a good addition for a mid-morning snack, added to lunches or for play dates. Little Debbie Little Muffins are available at retailers nationwide for a msrp of $2.59 per box.

“I wrote this post while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of McKee Foods and received a product sample. No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions are my own.”

Win Little Debbie Little Muffins

One reader will win two boxes of Little Debbie Little Muffins (one of each flavor)

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