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Sakar Underwater Digital Camera For Kids

Sakar SpongeBob Squarepants Underwater Digital Camera Features:


  • Use in or out of water
  • Case is waterproof up to 30 feet
  • USB cable for quick and easy dowloand
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)

We brought this camera on our cruise fully intending to put it through rigorous testing while snorkeling on Castaway Cay.  Unfortunately the ocean was a bit too chilly to spend any length of time in, so like the sissies we are...we tried it out using the ship's pool and hot tub, lol!

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Pokémon LEGENDs Join Forces in New HS - Unleashed

Are your kids powerful enough trainers to command what's been Unleashed?

With more than 90 cards, the brand new Pokémon TCG: HS - Unleashed expansion will arrive in stores nationwide May 12, 2010.

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Shirts That Go

Whenever a semi-truck barrels down the highway and my nephew is looking out the window, his eyes get just a bit bigger.  My sister's living room floor is littered with them, the trailers hauling all kinds of imagined cargo.  Once that little boy is tucked in for the night right next to him - on the pillow - are those precious toy trucks.

Seriously this tiny tike is so into trucks, that when you ask him his name, he replies in full, except when saying his last name, he adds "trucks" on to the ending of it.

So besides buying more trucks for him for gifts, what do you get a kid that is enthralled with something that goes?  Because we all either have one of our own, or know one.  Well you could get them a unique t-shirt from Shirts That Go.  Planes, trucks and train t-shirts are a part of this line of tees that appeal to kids that love vehicles.

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Alice in Wonderland for the Nintendo DS and Wii

Ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole to play one of Disney's newest game?  That's right, Tim Burton's film 'Alice in Wonderland' has brought two new games to the table - one for the DS and one for the Wii.

Guest posting today's review, is my 13 year old daughter Amber, who is far more qualified than I am to do video game reviews.  You could say it's a subject she excels at, lol!  So on to what Amber has to say:

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Ballroom Bonanza, Mammoths and Mastodons

Two new books for kids from Abrams Books.

Ballroom Bonanza: A Hidden Pictures ABC Book

Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age

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POWERADE® ‘PLAY' - Less Sugar More Vitamins

You've seen famous athletes hydrating with POWERADE®, and now your kids can hydrate with less sugar and more vitamins thanks to POWERADE® PLAYTM

POWERADE® PLAYTM has just 60 calories in a 12 fl oz bottle.  Parents will love that PLAY has 100% of the daily Vitamin C, and 20% of the daily Zinc, Vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B12.  Even better PLAY has 25% less sugar than traditional sports drinks.  But the young ones will still benefit from POWERADE's ION4TM electrolyte system, which helps replenish four electrolytes lost in sweat (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium). 

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The Madeline Movie: Lost in Paris DVD Giveaway

The Madeline Movie: Lost in Paris DVD is going to be released on April 16th from Shout! Factory. It features the voices of Jason Alexander, Lauren Bacall, Christopher Plummer and Andrea Libman. This is animated feature stars the familiar character Madeline that we know and love.

In case you don't know who Madeline is, let me give you a quick recap of her.  Madeline is an orphan, she lives with 11 other girls who are looked after by a nun.  Madeline tends to have a penchant for finding trouble, and besides the other girls at the boarding school, the neighbor boy Pepito and the smart little dog join in the stories that are told.

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Handy Manny Big Race

Handy Manny is a hot show among the pre-school crowd.  Probably because Handy Manny is just the kind of guy you'd like to be pals with.  He's friendly, his neighborhood is great, and he can fix anything (hence his name).  Do your little ones like to pretend they are repairing things right along with Manny when they watch?

Guess what?  Handy Manny has an all new show coming up: "Handy Manny Big Race" this Saturday, March 20th, at 7PM/6C on The Disney Channel.

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Leap Frog's Math Adventure to the Moon

Math is Amber's favorite subject in school.  It's the highlight of her school day (really!).  She has always excelled at math, and I am so glad, because I struggled with that subject in school.

Media can be a great learning tool and Leap Frog is always introducing new toys and products on the market to help make your child's learning fun.  Their newest DVD Math Adventure to the Moon is one such product.

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Episencial Better Body Butter Giveaway

Episencial  is actively healthy skincare that focuses on providing products with green values in mind, free from all the bad stuff, meaning  no synthetic chemicals. They have seven products in their line, ranging from foaming wash to sunscreen.

When it comes to skin, many are wanting to keep the chemicals to a minimum, so it is reassuring to know that Kim Walls the CEO of Episencial is also a skin care clinician.  Plus, she's a mom who is "proud to be able to offer honestly effective and green products at a reasonable price that can be found at stores she shops in all the time".  

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Review & Giveaway: Ian's Natural Foods Snacks

Last week, Ian's Natural Foods sent me some samples of their newest snacks to try out.  We got to try their Mix2Go varieties and the FruitaBits.

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Pistachio DVD - Veggie Tales Review

Big Idea EntertainmentThe characters in this DVD are familiar to most; an Italian toymaker Gelato (Larry the Cucumber) and his assistant Cricket (Khalil the Caterpillar).  Gelato has no family (with the exception of some ducklings) to call his own and after receiving a piece of pistachio wood, carves himself a son; Pistachio (Junior Asparagus).

Little Pistachio however, does not want to listen to Gelato his father and gets himself entangled into a whole lot of trouble.

Combining the classic tale of Pinocchio and the parable of The Lost Sheep from the Bible, Pistachio is a lesson filled DVD about the importance of listening to your parents.

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Big Green Alligator CD Giveaway

The Big Green Alligator CD by La-La-Lisa (Lisa Weyerhaeuser) features 18 vivid, inspiring songs, suitable for young kids.  It's a perfect addition to your CD collection, for church Sunday Schools, nurseries and moms that provide childcare in their home.

The lyrics of the songs on Big Green Alligator capture the essence of God the Creator, who loves and cares for His children.

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EvoraKids Giveaway - First Oral Care Pro-biotic for Children

Oral care is a very important topic to me.  I am not a big fan of the dentist and so anything that makes those twice a year visits easier on me and my family has my attention.  With Amber having braces there is that much more concern for the teeth to be as clean as possible too.

I recently learned about EvoraKids - the first pro-biotic oral care system for children ages 3-10.  A chewable tablet, taken twice a day after brushing, helps to keep bacteria from dental plaque at bay.

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Reading is Fundamental - Help Save Funding For It

By all the book reviews you see on my site, I'm sure you figured out I love reading.  I also think reading is important. 

Amber has always been a reluctant reader, but I know how important reading is, especially for young brains that are developing.  I've always made her read even when she has not wanted to, and by finding books that interest her, have made it a somewhat (I hope) enjoyable experience.

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