Hot Chocolate ReMix & Kleenex Tissues for Cough, Cold and Flu Season

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Between homeschooling and the fact that my husband only needs to go in to the office two days a week, we’ve been blessed in that the last number of years the cold and flu bug seems to have skipped over our home. 

But this year our daughter got a job cashiering at a grocery store.  I don’t even want to know how many germs are on all the canned goods and plastic packaging she touches during each four or six hour shift.  *Shiver*  And those germs have hitched a ride or two home with her, and now we’ve all gotten sick thanks to them.

I mean how pathetic is this?

But a sniffle or two doesn’t keep me from going shopping.  (Oh who am I kidding, a full on dripping nose and whooping cough wouldn’t keep me away from Target).  And while I was stocking up on items for the holidays, I made a stop in the paper products aisle with my $1.00 off coupon and grabbed a six-pack of Kleenex Tissue (with Sneeze Shield no less!).  Because you can NEVER have enough Kleenex in the house at this time of the year.  NEVER.

And this is the reaction I got when I came home.  I challenge you to find a teenager more endeared with Kleenex than this one.

And just when we thought we had gotten rid of all the sicky cold germs.  We got another round of them, just as Cleon blew through North Texas and the weather turned awful.

Amber came home from work on Thursday evening and the first thing she asked for was hot chocolate…and then for a box of Kleenex.  Yes a whole box not just a tissue!

Thankfully hot chocolate is something else I stocked up on at Target, and I like to doctor up those instant hot chocolate pouches a bit, especially when everyone is feeling cruddy.

Need a bit of extra warmth?  Make a spicy hot chocolate by adding some cinnamon and cayenne pepper to an instant mix – add a cinnamon stick for a swizzle stick.

Want a cool minty burst?  Add Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer to your hot chocolate – add a candy cane for a swizzle stick.

Coughing and have a sore throat?  Honey lozenges are our go to for that.  But just adding honey to hot chocolate isn’t really a good mix, so I melt a spoonful of peanut butter in the microwave add the hot chocolate to that and then add a squirt of honey.  It tastes a little like a peanut butter cup and helps soothe the throat.

Really a cup of sweetness goes a long way to put a smile on someone’s face… even if there’s also a Kleenex tissue in their hand.

I’m pretty sure at least one my readers is in the same boat this season (you know the boat where you need boxes and boxes of Kleenex tissues), and so if you need tissues and are headed to Target make sure you print off this coupon to save $1.00 off of a 4-pack or larger Kleenex tissues.  You can thank me in the spring when you all can breathe and you come up for air 😉

What kind of special things do you do for your family when they are battling coughs, colds or the flu?


  1. My daughter loves hot chocolate when her throat is sore.

  2. Oh wow you have some good hot cocoa's there, and looks like you are stocked up on kleenex's and ready for anything that comes your way!

  3. Lots of snuggles and TLC!!! We have not been sick in a few years, but I always keep Kleenex on hand :) You never know when you are going to need it.

  4. I definitely can't live with out my kleenex this time of year.

  5. I enjoy hot chocolate since I don't drink much coffee and we just had a small case of the sniffles.

  6. spicy cinnamon sounds good to me

  7. Aww your poor daughter! I wish my husband only had to go in twice a week, that is awesome!

  8. Special snacks, homemade juice pops & their fave TV shows… wait that is everyday.

  9. Anytime my son is under the weather he asks for Hot Cocoa.

  10. We rub on the mentholatum and get to stay in our pjs all day. Except for mom who manages to get up and go to work with kleenex box, hand sanitizer and a all kinds of cough drops.

  11. I love to drink hot tea, it always helps.

  12. Hmmm…cayenne pepper? I can't imagine what that would taste like. May have to try it.

  13. I love hot chocolate and I know it would definitely be a sweet feel good treat when you don't feel so great.

  14. Great coupon! Since this ice storm hit, that's one thing I need to replenish – kleenex!! We all have drippy noses 😉

  15. Karen Medlin says:

    I have tried the hot chocolate with the cayenne pepper, seems to work pretty good on congestion. I have a few that like warm tea and honey.

  16. I think hot chocolate makes everything better, and that spicy cinnamon hot chocolate sounds yummy!

  17. peanut butter hot chocolate? Now that sounds delicious!

  18. LOL . NOTHING keeps us from Target. Nothing!! I'm fighting a cold right now :(

  19. We're all about soup when we get sick. Oh, and popsicles!

  20. My family loves hot tea with lemon and honey.

  21. YUM! Love hot chocolate and these remixes sound great.

  22. Being sick without Kleenex is the WORST! I swear I just look at the toilet paper & it tears a layer of skin off of my nose.

  23. Oh I'll have to try those flavors, they sound great! We pump up on extra vitamin D3 when sick and we also use local honey too.

  24. Once the winter season hits, we each have a box of kleenex in our rooms. I am a big fan of hot chocolate when i'm under the weather.

  25. I love that 6 pack! We have definitely needed a round or two of Kleenex this winter, haven't tried any of those tricks with the hot cocoa. Love the cinnamon stick!

  26. We have kleenex all over the house because we have just been passing this thing from one to another.

  27. Thank you for the coupon, we JUST ran out of Kleenex this weekend! By the way, I love your new header. It's very festive and whimsical. It gets me in the holiday spirit. :)

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