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Broccoli and Cheese Mashed Please Recipe | Idahoan On Your Table

My mother-in-law was the Best. Cook. Ever.  Mashed potatoes were a staple at each meal.  Creamy, fluffy, butter filled scrumptiousness.  But try as I might I never could replicate the texture or flavor of her mashed potatoes.  Epic fail.  Every time. 

One day when grocery shopping I dropped some Idahoan Mashed Potatoes into my grocery cart.  I sneakily made them one night to accompany a roast.

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Lemon Herb French Style Green Beans

Lemon Herb French Style Green Beans

I know some of my readers have large(r) families and do more frequent bulk shopping than I might. I like shopping at warehouse clubs though and we go about once a month even if we don’t buy a lot.

I love the fact that eMeals has now added a Costco Family Meal Plan to their many choices.
With this plan you get easy-cook, Costco-based dinner recipes & shopping lists delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks.

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Easy Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

This is such a tasty side to add to your dinner.  It's quick to prepare and feeds a large crowd.

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Country Crock Casserole Club - Family Fave Veggie Casserole & Giveaway

With family here for the holidays I've been cooking a lot this past week.  So it was a great thing when I was sent a kit as part of the Country Crock Casserole Club to help me prepare a Family Fave Veggie Casserole to enjoy for Thanksgiving.

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Apricot-Mustard Squash - Ditch the Butter, Prepare with Olive Oil

My parents turned me on to olive oil years ago when my dad started using it to lower his cholesterol.  But even though I knew it was healthier for us to use rather than butter in the frying pan, sometimes the flavor of it combined with what I was making just seemed off.

Thanksgiving dinner is about the only time I can get away with serving squash at the dinner table - I love it, but the rest of my family not so much.

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Brown Rice Recipe Inspired by Triscuit Real Foods

I'm trying to make it a priority to eat healthier in our home. Sometimes that can be hard to do when you're feeding picky eaters though.

Since we're big snackers, I'm starting there, replacing chips and cookies with more wholesome options.

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Clean Eating Recipe: Horseradish Crusted Tilapia & Garlic Roasted Red Potatoes

Looking for some healthy meals that won’t break the bank? This Horseradish Crusted Tilapia with Garlic Roasted Red Potatoes recipe is under 400 calories and less than $4 per serving. That’s something we can get behind!

It's one of the great recipes that you can get by subscribing to eMeals Clean Eating Meal Plans.

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Marinated Slaw Recipe

Hard to believe it's July 4th already, isn't it?!  This is one of my favorite days of the year.  But this year it will be bittersweet. 

For the past number of years now we've celebrated the 4th with Amber's best friend's family...whose mom also happens to be my bestie as well.  We hang out, the girls do their thing, we eat, we eat some more, then we eat s'mores, and then her husband puts on a fireworks show for us all.

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Fish Tender Tacos and Sautéed Baby Broccoli with Red Onion #FishnVeggies

In the community I grew up in, Lent was not a thing to take part in. When we moved, I genuinely had questions about all the 'fish' deals popping up before Easter. A few questions here and there and I finally understood. We don't practice Lent in our home (although I probably should, there are a number of things I could sacrifice for 40 days and it would likely make my life a lot better because of it), but fish once a week is something I do.

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Country Crock Holiday Veggie Give Away! #HolidayVeggieDish

Well Thanksgiving is over, and now we can focus on Christmas. The turkey or the ham is generally the focal piece, but side dishes can make or break a meal I think. I mean what good is all that juicy meat if you have soggy vegetables or over salted potatoes to go along with it?

My family isn't that adventurous when it comes to vegetables. We have a few standbys in our home. Potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli are approved. Green beans and carrots are tolerated. That's about the extent of the palates around here. Oh but what about corn?! Those sweet delicious nuggets? (shh…corn is actually a

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Holiday Review/Give Away ~ Simply Potatoes

As part of the holiday meal planning and entertaining portion of our holiday guide, today we're featuring Simply Potatoes. These are perfect for those busy hectic meals during the holiday season, as well as for your traditional holiday meals, because they eliminate the hassle of peeling, boiling, slicing and dicing.

I was able to "Simply-fy" a favorite holiday dish, Potato Pancakes, by using a couple of varieties of Simply Potatoes and their website recipe (which I altered a bit for our family). I had the batter whipped up in no time, and we have a new recipe to enjoy a family tradition with now.

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3 Heart-Healthy Recipes for Cholesterol Month

September is National Cholesterol Education Month, and high cholesterol can mean increased risk for heart disease. Those that are at risk for either or both, can lower their risk by making simple changes in their lifestyle.

One of those changes is to incorporate corn oil into your meals. Research shows that plant sterols, like the ones in corn oil, can significantly reduce the body's cholesterol absorption. It's also recommended that those at risk select choices that are low in sodium.

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Zucchini Boats and Carrot Coins featuring Country Crock ~ Give Away

I totally see the appeal of fresh veggies at a farmers’ market for foodies. You can go in there and pick up whatever you find, and then decide what to make for dinner.

I however need a plan, and a recipe as a backbone, I’m not good at taking something and just creating on the fly, but with the determination to be flexible I headed to the farmers’ market that is set up one day a week in our neighborhood. But by the time I got their last week, the pickings were pretty slim :(

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Parmesan-Pepper Sweet Potato Fries

We have a saying in our home; "There is never enough cheese".  If a recipe calls for cheese, I always add 'just' a bit more!  If a recipe doesn't call for'll often find me adding some!  We like having cheese with our cheese!  We like parmesan cheese as a topping on pizza and noodles, but there are so many more ways to use new Kraft Parmesan Cheese Seasoning Blends.

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2 Easy Sides For Dinner

One of the biggest challenges I have when making dinner is the side dishes.  I want to mix it up and not eat the same things 3x a week.  I've been on the hunt for reliable side dishes for years and have scored a couple of good recipes.  These are two of my newest favorites, that the whole family eats, without complaining.

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