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Tammy Litke is a Dallas blogger, blogging since 2008.  She loves to watch movies, play video games, spend time in the kitchen, and travel.  Between recipes and reviews you'll find many helpful and some just plain funny posts on her blog. Welcome, pull up a chair and stay for a while!

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Party Fruit Salad Recipe

party-fruit-saladThis northern girl is LOVING that the heat of summer is in full swing here in Texas.  One of the things I've been loving about living here is the abundance of fresh produce available all year long and most of it is sold at reasonable prices.

We've been eating our fair share of fresh fruit around here.  We love eating watermelon, peaches, pears, bananas, strawberries..well you get the idea. You know what I don't love though?

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Refreshing Honey Cucumber Spring Salad

I'm so ready for winter to be over and the warmer days of spring and the hot days of summer to arrive.  Fresh veggies call my name and cucumbers scream the loudest. 

This cool, light, refreshing spring/summer salad takes little work to prepare so you can make it in no time at all.  It's easy to throw together for a potluck or grill out.

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Fresh Express Salad with Creamy Pasta #SaladSwap

In 1989, Fresh Express created the very first ready-to-eat, packaged garden salad available in grocery stores nationwide. Today, Fresh Express is the market leader in delivering great-tasting, nutritious, fresh salads to health-conscious people. The brand has an unrivaled selection of fresh salad mixes, complete kits, and wholesome, organic products. But whichever variety of Fresh Express you choose, rest assured you’ll be getting the freshest, best tasting salad you can find.

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Chicken Salad with Apples & Radishes

Amber asked for Chicken Salad the other day for lunch.  "But not just boring chicken salad Mom, make it interesting."  So I did some searches and found a recipe to adapt from on  It seems lighter than a traditional chicken salad due to the sour cream I think, and if you're like some of my readers who think mayo is of the devil, I would think you could substitue the small amount of that with more sour cream also.

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Roast Beef Apple Avocado Ramen Noodle Salad + Good Cook Kitchen Tools Giveaway

Phew that's a mouthful of a title for a blog post isn't it?!  I used a roast beef and rice noodle salad recipe from Woman's Day as inspiration for it, but felt that the apples and avocados were as much a piece of the whole dish as the meat and noodles were, and thus a very long winded (much like this sentence!) recipe title it became.


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Marinated Slaw Recipe

Hard to believe it's July 4th already, isn't it?!  This is one of my favorite days of the year.  But this year it will be bittersweet. 

For the past number of years now we've celebrated the 4th with Amber's best friend's family...whose mom also happens to be my bestie as well.  We hang out, the girls do their thing, we eat, we eat some more, then we eat s'mores, and then her husband puts on a fireworks show for us all.

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A Summer Salad Dressing the Low-Sugar Way & Giveaway

For many of us, the anticipation of summer conjures images of grilling outdoors and fresh produce.  But the beginning of the vacation season is not the ideal time to derail your diet with high-calorie dressings. 

This summer, incorporate NECTRESSE™ Natural No Calorie Sweetener into your summer menu to cut back on sugar, calories and guilt.  NECTRESSE, made from monk fruit extract, is perfect for sweetening your favorite beverages, savory sauces and dressings, homemade jams, desserts and so much more.

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Quinoa Salad Recipe & GOYA Foods Cookbook Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago, I received some GOYA products and a collection of recipes to try out some healthy, tasty and affordable Latin cooking.  The Best of la Cocina GOYA cookbook is a resource for building a better plate, that plate specifically being the MyPlate nutrition guide by the USDA.  Printed in both English and Spanish, this little cookbook is packed full of balanced meal ideas from around Latin America - including Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Spain and beyond!

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Coconut Lime Basil Salad Dressing Recipe for Your Summer Greens ~ and a Give Away

With all the fresh greens and hot weather, Fisher Nuts knows that you are eating salads this summer! Everyone has a favorite salad dressing in the bottled variety, and many more of you I’m sure, have family recipes or your own go to mix to drizzle on lettuce, pastas or rice that makes your salads famous at BBQs and potlucks.

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Penelope's Delicious and Low Fat Potato Salad

We are super healthy around here, from what we eat to how we live, so I've never a big fan of traditional potato salads that include mayo or heavy dairy products (too fattening and not everyone can eat them).

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Wish-Bone Salad Sampler Party (Giveaway)

When it’s hot outside, cooking hot meals can feel like a chore – so it’s no wonder summer is the most popular season for salads. The thing is, if you’re like me, you often find yourself tossing the same ingredients together over and over again.

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Cucumber Salad

A favorite summer time salad that has it's roots in European cuisine serves up cucumbers and dill in a cream dressing.  I grew up on this, with both my Oma and my mom making it, and also my mother-in-law, and it's one of my favorite dishes.  You can make it with a variety of ingredients, my mom makes hers with sour cream while my mother-in-law made hers with heavy cream, but the secret ingredient is really the dill!

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