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Tammy Litke is a Dallas area homeschooler to one girl aged 17.  Blogging since 2008 she loves to watch movies, play video games, spend time in the kitchen, and go on Disney Cruises.  Between recipes and reviews you'll find many helpful and some just plain funny posts on her blog. Welcome, pull up a chair and stay for a while!

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Shells & Cheese with Chicken

Shells & Cheese with ChickenA few days ago, I was paging through a magazine and found an ad with a recipe for an Italian-Style Mac & Cheese with Chicken - since my husband is not a fan of sausage I figured I would substitute chicken breast in it instead, and I had everything else in my pantry and fridge to make it. (Well, almost.)

The creaminess of the cheese sauce was to be made from evaporated milk.  I assembled all my items, got ready to make the recipe and opened the can of evaporated milk..and it was weird.   Ewww it had expired (time to do a pantry clean out I guess!).

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Cheesy Chicken Recipe and an eMeals Giveaway

cheesy chickenAs a lot of you know, I've been working with eMeals for about a year now and it's been a fantastic resource for our family.  Every week I get a shopping list and a week's worth of supper recipes.  We've been using the Walmart Family Classic plan for the last year, but I am seriously considering switching to the new Kid Friendly plan.  I know, I know we don't have any "kids" in our house anymore, but my husband...his tastedbuds are just like a kid's.  Ask me how many times he ends up ordering off the kid's menu when we cruise.  It's becomes a joke with our servers by the end of the week.

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Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

My family is crazy about pasta and we eat it a lot.  A lot, a lot.  So I'm always trying to find new ways to switch it up besides the regular red or white sauce.  After making this Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta the other day, it is now one of our favorites.  The grown up flavor profile of the cordon bleu has adults appreciating it, but it's kid friendly too.

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Cheesy Shepherd's Pie

Just in time for Pi Day, I'm sharing this easy to make Cheesy Shepherd's Pie altered from eMeals Costco Plan.  I shared another inspired recipe from that plan the other day, Lemon Herb French Style Green Beans

eMeals is a meal planning service that takes the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping away, giving you the tools you need to get dinner on the table...even on busy nights!  And there are so many plans to choose from, there's sure to be one that benefits your family.

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Slow Cooker Maple-Dijon Pork Loin Chops

I'm part of the eMeals blogger network and as a part of that I receive a subscription from them so that I can try out their service and when I like something I can share it with you!  Last month eMeals launched a new Low Calorie Family Plan.  It has all the benefits of eating under 500 calories with the flavors and tastes of your favorite foods.

Eating slim doesn't have to mean cutting out your favorite foods. With the eMeals Low Calorie plan, you can enjoy a varied meal plan with your favorite dishes, from pizzas and pastas to salads and steaks, all with less than 500 calories per serving.

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Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Glazed Chicken

Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Glazed ChickenBecause of my family's picky palates, I tend to alter a lot of recipes.  It's rare that I make something ingredient for ingredient in a recipe but every once in a while I find one that I KNOW is going to be a winner just as it's written.  This is one of those recipes.

It comes from the book Everyday Confetti, that I reviewed in January.  Folks I'm telling you, it's full of recipes that will become favorites just like this one.  PLUS it has tons of ideas on how to make an ordinary day... something worth celebrating.

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Cheddar Jack Chicken Recipe

I made this recipe the other night for dinner and my husband couldn't stop saying how good it was.  It's easy to make too!

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Leftovers Pot Pie

We had so many leftovers from the holidays that I was getting desperate for new ways to fix them.  I found a wonderful Pot Pie recipe in a book I'll be reviewing here on the blog in a few days called Everyday Confetti.

The nice thing about the recipe is that it has great bones to it.  The pie crust is about the only thing you really won't change - but the insides you can make all your own.

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Ravioli and Zucchini Cheese Bake

I don't think life gets any crazier than in the month of December. Between every day activities and then all the holiday hustle and bustle I feel like I need a 27 hour day to fit every thing in. I don't want to drop the proverbial ball though when it comes to dinner, but at this time of the year I'm all about quick and easy.

In my family a "perfect" recipe needs just three things: pasta, sauce and cheese. But I'm trying to find a way to sneak some healthier food in where possible and a ravioli baked dish seemed like a great opportunity for just that. The problem?

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Loaded Potato Soup an eMeals Slow Cooker Classic Recipe

My family and friends are posting pictures on Facebook of snow and and cold temps, and while it's just beginning to feel like Fall here (ha ha you all!), I know a lot of you are in the same boat (or maybe I should say the same igloo?!).

Well this is the season where our slow cookers get worked overtime, and we've got a delicious and easy recipe from eMeals to share with you:

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