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Mickey Mouse Jello Treat Recipe

Like many of yours, our family is a big fan of Disney.  Our family vacations have revolved around their parks and the Disney Cruise Line for the last 21 years, starting with our honeymoon.  So it was with great excitement when I learned that I get to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration next month!  Disney Parks & MomSelect sent me a whole box of goodies to get my party started and I know the moms and kids who come are going to have a great morning.

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Candied Pumpkin Pie | Add a Homemade Touch with Marie Callender's

If I'm going to be honest one of the things I like best about the holidays is the food, especially pie.  Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie...I want..  All. The. Pies.  Here comes a moment of truth though..I'm not so good at making pies myself.  I've tried.  Numerous times.  The crust is never as flaky as I think I should be.  The filling never as dense or as flavorful.  The perfect pie from scratch, I'm of the opinion that it will take me years to master that, and I want the perfect pie...NOW!  Plus this year with our daughter being away at college, I don't want to be spending all my time in the kitchen baking - I want to spend it with her while she's home for break!

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Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Mocha Tarts 

Without question, chocolate chips are at the top of most bakers' lists of favorite ingredients!

125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes features incredibly creative recipes for everything from cakes and pies to breads, puddings, bars, squares and muffins to beverages and sauces.  And it goes without saying that no cookbook on chocolate chips would be complete without cookie ideas.

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Caramel Krisps Recipe | Inspired by Best Of Bridge Holiday Classics

Caramel KrispsSince 1975, the Best of Bridge "Ladies," as their children have named them, have been developing recipes that are easy to understand, written with a sense of humor and guaranteed to work.  Not surprisingly, given their motto - "simple recipes with gourmet results" - over the course of four decades, they have cooked up countless treats that are perfect for sharing with family and friends when it's time for a celebration.

Best of Bridge Holiday Classics: 225 Recipes for Special Occasions focuses on recipes that will meet all of your holiday entertaining needs. 

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Cookies & Cream Cookies Recipe

Cookies and Cream Cookies

My mother-in-law's chocolate chip cookie recipe is legendary.  It was the one thing my husband brought to our marriage that I didn't somehow try to get rid of over the years .  He used to make them religiously, batch after batch and I was okay with that, because hey, besides always having fresh cookies in the jar, I didn't have to make them.  They became the staple item we brought to family gatherings and potlucks because everybody loved them...and everybody asked for the recipe.

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Easy Cheesecake Truffles for your Holiday Entertaining

Decadent treats and wine.  There isn’t much else I need to make a party festive :)  And while I like to entertain and provide great desserts and wine offerings to my guests, I’m neither a chef nor made of money.  So this holiday season I welcomed the gift of some dessert and wine pairings from Pacific Rim Riesling wines and Sara Lee desserts.  They are making holiday entertaining easy and fun!

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Cakes Under the Influence Peaches & Cream Cupcakes Recipe

I recently was given the chance to try Wineheart Vinoleche thanks to House Party.  It's not widely available where I live and the only store in the vicinity that sold it only had the Tres Leches variety.  Not that that's a bad thing, but I was hoping to try a couple of different kinds so that we had a better idea of the flavors they offered.  The recipe card that they had to match the Tres Leches was a Peaches & Cream drink.

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Dresdener Eierschecke | Egg Custard Cake

Growing up with German parents in Canada and now living in the United States, many years we have had the privilige to celebrate Thanksgiving three times in one year :)

German Thanksgiving is typically celebrated the first Sunday in October, Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October and of course American Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November.

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S'mores Magic Cookie Bars | Inspired by Dessert Mash-Ups

We've all said it right?  That we have two things that taste SO good that the ultimate dessert would be to mash them up and create one dessert of both... well Dorothy Kern from Crazy For Crust has done it - she's authored a book with all your favorite treats combined together and it's appropriately named Dessert Mash-Ups.

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Kids Can Make Jack-o-Lantern Cupcakes

If you're looking for a fun activity in the kitchen for your kids this October, why not make some easy Jack-o-Lantern cupcakes with them?

It only takes a few ingredients, but will result in a morning or afternoon of fun and memories for parents and kids alike.

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Paleo Ice Cream - 75 Recipes for Rich and Creamy Homemade Scoops and Treats

Cavemen *probably* didn’t eat ice cream. So for those living paleo today, the frozen treat would be something they’d have to give up--until now!

Introducing “Paleo Ice Cream (Ben Hirshberg),” a new cookbook packed with 75 recipes for rich and creamy frozen treats that leave out unwanted dairy, refined sugars and chemical additives.

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Twinkie Brownie Bars Recipe #TwinkieCookbook #MC


Growing up golden sponge cakes filled with cream were a huge treat that were only available to us at Grandma's & Grandpa's house. We'd help around the yard, in the kitchen and with various odd tasks, and then we'd get some money to head to the corner store to buy 'dessert' for after the dinner meal. When it was my turn to choose, I'd always get a package of them. Every time I take a bite of a Twinkie I relive those memories of simpler times.

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Grilled Cocoa Pebbles Banana S'mores

S'mores are a favorite summer treat for most everyone, but if you want to switch it up a bit, a great way to do it is to add a banana to the mix.

Now I'm a big fan of bananas in any way, shape or form, but if you've never had grilled bananas before the texture might take a while to get used to.  The bananas do get soft, especially if they are at peak ripeness, plus as you probably know bananas get brown when they get warm.

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Summer's Best K Cup Flavors in 2 Easy to Make Recipes

Donut Shop Coffee Trifle with Keurig Brew Over Ice #shop #BrewItUp #BrewOverIceWhen my friends say "let's meet up for coffee," what they really mean is "let's meet up at Tammy's house."  You see I've got my very own built in coffee bar in my house, and I'll play 'barista' for anyone who wants to share a cup with me :)  You name it, I have it, and my coffee machine collection includes not just one, but two Keurig brewers.  When I have guests in summer I replace the hot beverage concoctions and brew iced coffee, iced tea and low calories drinks, over ice.  And yes I do that with my Keurig!

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Party Fruit Salad Recipe

party-fruit-saladThis northern girl is LOVING that the heat of summer is in full swing here in Texas.  One of the things I've been loving about living here is the abundance of fresh produce available all year long and most of it is sold at reasonable prices.

We've been eating our fair share of fresh fruit around here.  We love eating watermelon, peaches, pears, bananas, strawberries..well you get the idea. You know what I don't love though?

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