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Tammy Litke is a Dallas blogger, blogging since 2008.  She loves to watch movies, play video games, spend time in the kitchen, and travel.  Between recipes and reviews you'll find many helpful and some just plain funny posts on her blog. Welcome, pull up a chair and stay for a while!

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$20 Gift Certificate to Give Away

This winter has been unusually warm, but living in South Dakota means using long scarves and gloves from November to March.  Because I have Raynaud’s and my hands get unusually cold, I usually extend that season by a month on either end!  What I really was missing though was being able to use my iTouch and iPad and keep my hands warm at the same time.

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Creamy Ranch Crockpot Turkey with Italian Cheese Mashed Potatoes

I think I’ve mentioned before that my family is kind of picky when it comes to food.  It’s because of this that I very rarely make a recipe as it’s lined out.

I’ve been stalking Pinterest lately because there are all sorts of recipes that have been pinned on there, that I’d never be able to find myself online.  And maybe it’s because a lot of them come from ‘mom blogs’ and if I can’t use the recipes as written at least they’re fairly easy to modify to fit the tastes of my family.

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Lady and the Tramp Blu-ray and Plush Set Give Away

February 7th marked the day that Disney's classic animated feature "Lady and the Tramp" was released on Blu-ray for the first time ever.

Lady and the Tramp brings back so many memories of my childhood.    From what I can remember I was obsessed with "The Siamese Cat Song".  I had a read-a-long story book on a record (yes I'm dating myself!).  My mom was likely tired of moving the arm every time it was over to start it again for me.

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Treasure Buddies BD/DVD - Review

The younger ones that watch movies in our home are always excited when there is a new Buddies movie released.

Treasure Buddies is the latest one and they laugh all the way through it, every time they watch it (I think it’s been watched six times now!). They keep begging to put it on because they love the talking dogs. And as a caregiver I like that Treasure Buddies is family friendly and it’s suitable for a wide range of ages.

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Give Away: Dollar General Black History Month Package

In celebration of Black History Month, Coca-Cola® is offering Dollar General customers a chance to win a family trip for up to 10 people to the 2012 Essence Music Festival® presented by Coca-Cola. The Essence Music Festival – which takes place July 6 through 8 – is the country’s largest annual African-American music and empowerment event.

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The Storyteller

Faced with having his sister taken away from his care to her abusive father, and trying hard to provide for her, 17 year old Abel Tannatak seems down right frightening to his schoolmates. Through a chance finding of six year old Micha’s doll, Anna Leeman becomes part of a fairy tale that may or may not have a happy ending.

Abel is "The Storyteller" and the fairy tale is woven to entertain Micha, but it starts becoming an analogy for what is happening in reality.

Anna may be in over head, or is that possible when you’re in love?

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thinkThin┬« thinkWellness Bar Giveaway!

Like the commercial says, “life comes at you fast”. And it seems the faster we go, the less time we have to make something proper to eat. It’s easier to just ‘grab and go’ and that’s why I’m sharing thinkThin bars with you.

It’s all about what’s inside.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys- Are They Worth Taking the Time to Do?

It seems every time I go out these days and buy something my receipt gets longer and longer. It’s not because I’m buying a lot of things (okay not usually), but I’ve noticed a growing trend that at the end of the receipt there will be a customer satisfaction survey.

Usually they want to know ‘how they did’ and there is a monthly chance to win a gift card to the store.

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Casio Education- Discover Through PRIZM

Technology is standard with kids these days. Most of them are using computers before their third birthdays and it’s rare to find a teenager without an MP3 player or smartphone. So when it comes to education it’s not surprising that calculators are exceeding what would have been defined as “Star Trek” technology years ago.

Casio is not a name you instantly recognize in that field. Watches. Yep. Cameras. Yep. Calculators. Casio makes calculators? Yep!

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Get the Party Started with Taboo- Give Away

We have a couple of friends that we look forward to getting together with because they are so much fun to play games with. We’re always playing old favorites or trying out new games when we spend the evening together.

Have you ever played Hasbro’s ‘Taboo’? If you haven’t it’s a blast to play, and if you have, you’ll need to check out the new Taboo that has new content cards, a new buzzer and a new twist which includes the roll of a die to keep things fresh while you play.

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